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OK, so we've ascertained it does work like that–just not that specific example as I must have shared the iPod person in common with you, but I don't follow @Dal so your @reply example in Twitter wasn't one I had seen. I actually find how it does work a bit unfortunate. While I'm not interested in Spurs and I couldn't even tell you if that was a soccer team or some other kind of team, I was rather hoping to capitalize on "overheard" conversations that might prove of interest. For example, you happen to be discussing the use of Twitter as Eduglue for communities via @reply with someone I don't know but would be greatly interested in knowing. I can see it would have its negative sides and the current implementation is probably an attempt to keep your stream more personally relevant, but oh… the lost serendipity!
@replies: I wasn't aware of this feature and, using your example, I'm not sure it works. I definitely saw the iPod/Spurs comment, so either: a) it doesn't work this way; or b) if OU people follow you, there are other OU people (@nogbad, maybe?) who are interested in Spurs! Ein
@AJCann posted this at and I made the following comment there: I wonder if forward-thinking archaeologists are really displeased with this trend? The reason I wonder about this is because archaeologists painstakingly construct our understanding of the past through the artifacts we've left behind. In an increasingly digital society built on storage technology that is not expected to survive more than 20 or 30 years, what will be left of our music, our literature, our art, and our science? What will our descendants in a thousand years be able to say about our lives?
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