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Just an FYI that most of this stuff is now available at sale prices at the US Open online shop: $1.99 shipping until Oct. 5 also!
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I agree, people should absolutely re-string before their strings break, because strings *do* go dead as you mention. However, by writing "—an especially gut", you imply that natural gut strings go dead more quickly than nylon or polyester. In my experience, quite the opposite is true. natural gut stays lively the longest of the three, followed by nylon, and then polyester, which tends to go dead relatively quickly.
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Master Ace: Draws are actually up there in PDF form already -- they just haven't yet added links from the Printable Draws page. Here are the links: Mens: Womens:
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2009 on Your Call, 6.19 at Peter Bodo's TennisWorld
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