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You are wrong about Sarvis "helping" McAuliffe win. You have to make a veritable laundry list of assumptions, starting with the notion that nearly every person that votes for Sarvis would have voted GOP had it been a two-horse race. (Make that "two-jackass.") This bit of "political wisdom" is a mix of myth and misunderstanding, and a very few minutes of research will demonstrate this -- unless you've made up your mind and do not wish to be confused by any ill-fitting facts. Fact is, most libertarians I know would NOT vote for any Republican outside of Amash, Paul, and a few others. Cuccinelli may read Mises, but he's a moralizing authoritarian with Religious Right views and every bit as unpalatable (for different reasons) as McAuliffe. Good luck to you Virginians in sorting out your... uh... future!
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Nov 3, 2013