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Interests: to see change in Cameroon, where youths can be seen in top positions in the government and equality is well practice
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the idea is not bad because he is a man of high integrity, i think he should rather give his support to someone else and let it be a woman, cameroonians will prefer a woman this time to be the president for the men has all failed. posted by Ekema Roland
2011 is a year of change, cameroonians want to hear of new names as far as the the 2011 election is concenr. giving room to women i think is a very good idea and cameroonian will be very happy having a mother as a president of the country no matter where she comes from.let opposition parties like SDF,UNDP, look for a woman who can talk to the people as a mother and we shall see that change, the SG of the SDF can stand as a candidate she is bilingual, minister Ama Muna can stand as a candidate she too is bilingual, Dorothy Njuema can stand if only biya will not be a candidate then will shall see our dream of change come true. long live cameroonian women your time to shine is now may God bless
am so proud hearing the chiefs of victoria are this reasonable and have so much concern for their people, may God give the chiefs of victoria more strength, something has to start from some where, is too much enough is enough, this is not a political issue rather is the right of the people who are suffering from the lack of water,electricity, employment,schools etc. even as a city with the biggest coorperation in the country(CDC and SANARA) yet sons and daughters of Victoria can not enjoy from their own God giving blessings; is the right of the people of victoria through their chiefs to stand and deny this celebration if a village like mukunda can not have pipe water. so i will kindly advice the so called CPDM to hands off