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Dear Netfqiclixter, When your business plan requires: A. An act of congress B. That act congress is the passage of a nuclear energy bill. C. You have a full time lobbyist. D. Said Lobbyist cant get the job done for you being paid $200,000 this year to work the one issue. E. You just finished pissing off at least 2 million of your customers to the point where they leave (as admitted by you). It just might be time to re-investigate your business plan....
FYI, Netflix may be using this as a way to sell your personal data.... With this amendment Title 18, Section 2710(b)(2) would read: (2) A video tape service provider may disclose personally identifiable information concerning any consumer— (A) to the consumer; (B) to any person with the informed, written consent (including through an electronic means using the Internet) of the consumer given at one or both of the following times: `(i) The time the disclosure is sought. `(ii) In advance for a set period of time or until consent is withdrawn by such consumer.'. two things can now occur: 1. Netflix can update its terms of service to say "you grant netflix to share XXXXX information until your account is terminated" 2. Once you are presented a form of tiny 6 point type disclaimers when you go to connect your facebook account to your netflix account, you are given written consent. When you enter your netflix account information to enable the account sharing after that disclosure, you authorize the sharing of your private data, until "you withdraw consent" which may be remove the access from facebook. One of the largest advertising Internet company now has every netflix movie, and show _you_ have ever watched and how you rated them, best of all - it is not tied to some random number like the rest of the data Netflix sells.
Thank god for Netflix, and its vast array of content. I have been looking for ways to pay money in order to watch movies such as Santa and the Three Bears ( There is one way to solve the expensive content problem; use content anyone can freely download and charge people for it - a "convenience fee" like ticketmaster.
Let me see if I have this correct. The 12 million, of 21.8 million people in their customer base (i.e. 55 percent of their customers) will now be getting a customer experience from from two websites, from two completely segregated divisions of the company. The CEO of this company's response to this is "well, the envelopes will still be red". Why would you want to make this change to the majority of your customer base?
RJM35126, your post contains a large amount of fragmented sentences; You should investigate proper sentence and paragraph structure in your posts.
Netflix, you should embrace the community you have and enable community features within your website as well, like bring back comments about movies, not just reviews but discussions. Social features are what is driving things these days and the netflix website lacks them because you are afraid of dealing with bad things people will say about netflix on your own social platform. In the end, if you allow people who enjoy the same types of movies to discuss those types of movies, it will further drive them to enjoy the content you provide - and improve customer satisfaction.
First of all, you can not look at as Netflix loosing 1 million customers. Over the past several quarters, Netflix has added 1.5 to 2 million subscribers per quarter domestically. There past guidance was that for this current quarter (q3), subscriber count would be flat, for every subscriber that left, a new one would join. If past trends hold true, on the low end, netflix would have 1.5 subscribers leave, but that would be made up by the normal amount of 1.5 million subscribers that joined. They updated there guidance, saying that they where wrong, things will not be flat, they will not have enough new subscribers to make up for all the people leaving. So, they are loosing the original 1.5 million subscribers AND loosing an additional 1 million subscribers for a total of 2.5 million subscribers. It went from a no growth quarter, to a negative quarter as far as customer counts.
This reminds me of the infamous ISP bandwidth caps. I would think "unlimited streaming" would mean unlimited - as in you can stream to as many devices as you want to in your household, as long as you do not violate our terms of service. I have not read them (as I am no longer a streaming customer) but I am assuming the terms of service say sharing of accounts is a no-no.
Netflix and itunes had one thing in common. They offered digital media at an affordable price where the effort to illegally download an album was less attractive than the price to download a song on itunes or get a dvd on netflix. the music business still has this figured out, when people think of a music title - they want it right away. from apple, or several other music stores they can get that title right away for a decent price. streaming music is $36/year (pandora). Netflix has continued to screw with peoples accounts, and the pricing - increasing the price for getting the same content. Yes - this is because of the content providers, and the providers want to continue to sell DVDs/blurays. the thing they can not get through there thick skulls is to look at what the music business did. if you do not overcharge and get greedy with the digital business, people will get content online AND get content from the stores - instead of everyone being pissed at you and getting the content from illegal channels because of cost being higher, and it therefore being worth getting it from other places.
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Jul 30, 2011