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@Laura - Great question! Auto-responders are also in development currently and they are actually slated ahead of profile management. We're aiming for an end of Q3 launch, so stay tuned! @Nilou - Unfortunately, we are unable to release a sub-set of features for profile management earlier, as you suggested. The entire feature set will be rolled out at once. @Rod - Thanks for your feedback. The functionality you are describing will be part of the profile management feature. In other words, your subscribers will be able to specify what lists (if any) they want to unsubscribe from. If they got there accidentally, they don't have to unsubscribe from anything!
Hi John, You'll be happy to know that our product team is currently developing the feature that you are requesting. It's officially called "profile management" and will allow your subscribers to specify which lists they'd like to be on. There is no official delivery date yet, but we are anticipating that it will be rolled out Q4 of this year. Cheers, Ellery
Hi Shelah, Thanks for your feedback. The way that particular link path worked is because of the way our guides section on the website is set up. Unfortunately we can't link directly to the guide without just linking you to the pdf itself, which is something that many people don't prefer because it triggers a download in most cases. That said, we have been working on a new delivery mechanism for our guides that will fix this problem and soon we will be able to directly link you to the content being referenced. This new design will be coming to the site very soon. I think you'll like the changes! Cheers, Ellery
@Silvia We don't have that specific webinar available as text, but you may find this guide helpful. PDF download: Cheers, Ellery
Hi Michael, good question (pun intended?). FB Questions just appear on FB as any status update would, so you can link to them directly. So if you are looking at the question (or any status update) on your wall, you'll see a time stamp from when it was posted (March 28th at 3:47pm in the screenshot from this post). That timestamp should be a clickable link which will then take you to a page that displays only that question. The url of this page is the one you should use to direct folks right to you post. Hope that helps!
Hi Red, we'd be happy to add more social accounts to your Roost account. Shoot me an email at social[at] and we'll get you set up. Cheers!
Great reminder, Kelly, thanks for pointing this out!
I am not aware of any issues with Involver, but can't offer support on their behalf. You can also try this app: It works in the same way and is also free to use. Cheers, Ellery
Just check out my response to Paul directly above your comment. The script tag error you're getting is being caused by the inclusion of a captcha form. Remove that and it should work. Cheers, Ellery
Hi Paul, the script that's causing you problems is from the captcha form in the html. You'll have to go without captcha for this to work, so just turn that option off when you're creating the opt-in form in your VR account and use the new html instead. Cheers!
Hi Ashley, I think you should always be thinking about SEO when working on content. I actually just wrote a post on how best to optimize your blog for just this reason. Check it out here:
Hi Jack, Glad to see you customizing your Facebook page! Unfortunately, customizing app icons is something (at least with this app) that is possible, but not included with the free version. I did a quick check to see if I could find any free alternatives that allowed this option, but came up empty as well. Sorry I can't be of more help! Cheers, Ellery
Hi Helen, thanks for reading. We do definitely get a bit cheeky in the VR office this time of year! Though it doesn't sound like you'll be asking for seconds, hopefully some of the email marketing lessons still came through. Cheers!
Thanks, Allison! And thank you for posting that awesome round-up of BWE related blogs. I'll share it here for any of our readers who are hungry for more! 70+ Brilliant Bloggers Talk About #BWELA 2011 Cheers, Ellery
I just tested this app out and it worked as well: Try it out!
So, I did a little digging on the Involver support site and there are others out there having this problem so it is definitely on their end. 2 things to check/try... - You can only have 2 free apps from Involver installed at any given time. You may be seeing the not authorized warning if you have more than that installed. If you have tried installing this one app several times, it may be re-adding it each time and therefore you have gone over the limit. Go to your apps settings, delete all Involver apps and try strating the process from scratch. - You can only edit app settings when you are using Facebook as yourself (personal profile) as opposed to as your page. Make sure that this is the case before trying to edit. Let me know if either of those do the trick!
Hi Heather and Bob, I'll try my best to address your questions here. I'm not sure what the issue is regarding browsers. I have had some trouble myself when using Safari, but Chrome and Firefox have worked fine for me (I haven't tried IE). This issue is most likely on Facebook's end, because I have had this problem with other apps too, not just the Involver app used here. As for the issue with Facebook saying you are not authorized, this too must be on their end. Double check to make sure that you are properly signed in and that FB recognizes you as an admin for your company page. You may have to switch back to using Facebook as your personal profile rather than your business page to make edits. You also may have to switch secure browsing on or off depending on what FB asks for. Sorry I can't be of more help. I've walked through all these steps on the VR page (you can see it in action here:!/VerticalResponse?sk=app_139229522811253), but I never encountered these issues. You may also try contacting support at Involver to see if they have seen this before. You can reach them at If you do find a way to troubleshoot, definitely let me know! Cheers, Ellery
Good call, Mike, we did. Although, it would take one heckuva creative marketer to spin the day of atonement into a marketing push! Thanks for your comment!
Great question, Andy. As with most things Facebook, nobody knows for sure but them. It seems, though, that Edgerank is probably here to stay. The exact algorithm will continue to change over time, but these strategies will always work when the goal is increasing engagement. Thanks for reading and commenting!
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