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Although I appreciate this post, and hope that most donors keep their membership cards, Jeff I do not. I already have too many cards in my wallet that serve a purpose. If charities can develop loyalty programs affiliated with their cards, now we're talking! :)
Just as it is in the business sector, Jeff. It's about being customer-centric.
Perfect for a keynote intro. I have yet to catch up to that level. My intros have to be really short. :)
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Love the idea of personal account managers for major gifts donors, Craig!
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Loved Olivier Blanchard's post, Gavin! Thanks for sending me there.
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David, we seem to be devoid of decent marketing terms these days. As we embraced technology, some traditional definitions just didn't apply any more. As much as I welcome newer versions, this one for public relations doesn't quite work. I agree with you that PR is not always "mutually beneficial." In our dreams. Although my fellow Canucks did one better, the CPRS definition still isn't right. I don't believe that PR achieves "mutual understanding" or is always in the "public interest." One thing I will add, in which PR specialists may disagree - PR is a communications activity designed to fulfill an organization's overall strategic marketing strategy. Do you agree?
Absolutely love this... "And you might check out who is contacting you and if the person has nearly 8 times the number of Twitter followers as your @Jon2012HQ feed, you just might want to connect." LOL
Gavin, just remember who gave the world the Millennials, The Baby Boomers! :)
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David, how about pitches with grammatical and spelling errors in them? Ouch. :(
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Really well done!
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Sybil, I believe that nonprofits are in a new reality - one in which they need to strategize differently. It's actually been a long time in the making, so tackling this now is reactive. Consolidate. That's been my buzzword since 2004. Reduce doing things that are nice to do, but not necessarily crucial to do. Take time to look at new opportunities - for collaboration, changing programs and services, diverse revenue-generating streams. Ensure that you have revenue put aside for innovation. Once the threat of sustainability is out of the equation, then all stakeholders can be more engaged as they look towards the future and not doing things the way they've always been done. Visit me anytime at Totally Uncorked on Marketing
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Yes, yes, and yes! Very much agree, Gary.
Nice story. Happy Thanksgiving, Sybil!
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And it's all part of a poor brand experience! Too bad more orgs don't "get" that. :(
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Laurie, your post really made think about this issue. Part of me agrees with you - that giving represents a gift without an expectation of reciprocity. On the other hand, if these social "investors" want to call what they do "giving," so be it, as long as the charity benefits.
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Excellent post, Meisha. Psychologists and marketing researchers believe there are a variety of reasons why people give to charity. The challenge for nonprofits is to know which motive fits with which people. :)
Wuhoo! I still can't figure out why we are still singing this tune. So many nonprofits focus on tactics and wonder why they aren't getting anywhere.
I agree with you, Sybil. There are, however, some nonprofit leaders who have been with their organizations for decades and continue to hang on to the history to their detriment.
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Welcome aboard, Sybil!! :)
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Amen to that, Drew! Perfect for my three-hour workshop in January for the PPAI called, "Cause Marketing for Small Businesses." Thanks!
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Hey, David. I see your point. After blogging for MarketingProfs for years, I started my own blog - late in the game. What a challenge it has been building readership during a blog saturation point. I also adore writing and will continue to post, not only because it's cathartic, but I frequently add links to my posts in my monthly marketing newsletters. What would be even nicer is to develop a following and ongoing dialog on my own blog so I know that people are actually reading what I write. :)
Thanks so much for posting this! Our planning committee and the AMA staff are looking forward to hosting all our participants.
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David, this issue has underscored the pervasive undercurrent of racism in this country, Frankly, it's shameful. You are correct that the center will be like the Y. In fact, it isn't a mosque at all, but a community center with a prayer room in it. The imam and his followers are Sufi Muslims, a moderate sect of Islam that is hated by the radicals/terrorists. Apparently, the US government sent him to the Middle East to influence others. All of this shouldn't even matter anyway. Either we live in a nation where all people have rights or we don't. If the tables were turned and the group was Jewish or Black, would the response have been the same? Maybe decades ago, but not now. Muslims today are the Blacks and Jews of yesteryear. When will America grow up?
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I applaud your commitment, Craig. As they say in our tribal language, Kol Hakavod. Same reason why I choose to help nonprofits market and brand better. It isn't going to make me rich, but it sure is rewarding. Best!
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