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Eldritch Monkey
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Using advanced Science given to me by my Future Self, I'd design my laboratory to be one second out of sync with our timeline. I'd always know what was coming and it could never quite catch up wtith me. Mwahahahahaha! *cough*
I'd bring a fully stocked Bag of Holding. Don't leave home without it!
My favorite place is currently my mom's second couch. Not the one in the living room but the one in the little alcove kind of area. Whenever I visit her, I like to curl up there with a good book and a caffienated beverage. It's just firm enough not to require a pillow but supportive enough that the cushions don't slide out while I'm laying there. I'd snag it for my place if it weren't so damn heavy. :)
I'd bring someone who can actually win in a gun fight. Given my reflexes, or the lack there of, this would be the best use of my time and skill set.
Consider it sent. Yay!
All of them! Please and thank you. :)
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Sep 19, 2012