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This post was really informative, especially for us rookies out here. I wonder where "broke college student" would fall on a list such as this...
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I agree, Rep, that music influences ones perception of the world and the way we interact with it. I really enjoyed this post and reading all of the responses. Here's my list: 1. James Taylor- Growing up in Chapel Hill and going to the same high school that James Taylor did, his music has always been close to my heart. While other kids were listening to the Spice Girls, I was listening to Sweet Baby James. 2. Simple Plan/Blink 182- I went through a punk rock/"emo" phase as a middle schooler so I think it would only be fair to include the two whinniest bands there are. 3. Dave Mathews Band- Who doesn't love a little Dave? 4. The Dixie Chicks- Along with my love for country music comes an admiration for women who are not afraid to be controversial (in a non-Brittany Spears kind of way, that is). 5. Country/bluegrass music in general- A lot of people don't give country music the chance it deserves. Despite songs about trucks, tractors and biscuits, I think country music lyrics can have very significant messages. I hope, for the most part, I have broken the stereotype that today's youth listen to horrible music :)
I thought our names were a bit more creative...
Queen Hatshepsut after the Egyptian queen who disguised herself as a pharaoh to show her dominance...sneaky.
1.) Star Trek (NBC) September 8, 1966 When I was 5, my brother and my dad dragged me to the movie Star Trek Generations (November 18, 1994).My brother and dad were the controllers of the remote for the most part during my childhood, which explains my love for Star Trek. My favorite season is Star Trek Voyager with Kate Mulgrew playing Captain Janeway. As much as people make fun of Trekkies, this series is monumental. 2.) The West Wing (NBC) September 22, 1999 As a 9 year old watching this show with my parents, I think for a time I thought Martin Sheen was the real president. 3.)Lost (ABC) September 22, 2004 Last summer, when I was interning at Peppercom, I would go home every night after work and watch 3 to 5 episodes of Lost. See, if a TV series is on Netflix, all you have to do it click "next episode" to find out what happens. I simply cannot fathom how people watched Lost during its regular seasons. The suspense would be too much to handle.That being said, I watched all 6 seasons in about 2 1/2 months. I thought I was on the island for a good 2 weeks or so, getting freaked out at certain things around me (Desmond's Tavern down the road from the office, the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 spray painted outside my apartment, John Locke telling me to open the hatch in my dreams,etc). Clearly this TV series had an impact on me. 4.) Modern Family (ABC) September 23, 2009 Not only is this show hilarious, but it faces stereotypes and social issues head on. I don't think it solves any of these issues, but I think that to an extent it shows the gradual acceptance of social change. 5.) Honorable Mention: The Office (NBC) I can't believe it didn't make the list! Every day I find myself quoting The Office or visualizing what Michael Scott would do in a certain situation. Sometimes I wish there was a camera I could give a "Jim look" to. I don't even have words for the brilliance of this show.
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Mar 30, 2011