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An Arizona republican political candidate recently called for disconnecting the utilities of illegal immigrants. Forgetting the fact that in the summer no cooling would kill some people, it is rumored that the only reason the candidate is an advocate for the idea is not because he believes it is an action he should take, but by stating such a cruel idea it improves his chance of being elected. Shameful opportunism is acceptable in Arizona. SB1070 is nothing more than a GOP experiment in manipulation of voters, and if successful will disenfranchise many Latino voters.
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"...experimental treatments with negative outcomes."
Obama's plan does not seem much different from the recent change in British health care where the government will no longer pay for unproven experimental treatments negative outcomes. I am shocked and mortified.
Why does Jonah hate America? He goes to such extremes to defame the principles of a democratic republic and is mendacious about the history of liberalism. It has taken a few thousand years for the liberal perception to help free ordinary people, (still not achieved,) from the excesses of the powerful and wealthy and protect them from the desperate and criminally insane. The right wing is recalcitrant about and highly resistant toward an evolving civilization. The behavior must be based on the fear of anything new that does not reinforce their preconceived fantasies about the past; otherwise known as a train wreck. Doughypants is a recognized expert at pushing the delusions of his brethren. It must pay well.
Russert ruined his reputation when he decided to become a hit man for the Republican Party. When Tim and George moderated one of the Clinton/Obama debates it was obvious that he was not merely asking tough questions, he was attempting to paint both of them in the most negative light possible. Of course, when Obama becomes president the news media will somehow find it gonads again and become real tough, mainly because the Democratic Party has not figured out a way of paying off the news media in the same fashion as the Republican Party has learned works. The trick is to simply submit to anything the large corporations want, but make it appear that the decisions are based on national security, patriotism, and American values. The rewards are quite high for people capable of pulling off this deception, just ask Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Savage, Medved, and Ingraham.
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I do not know Obama supporters who have been mean toward Hillary Clinton. In my state's Democratic Party the Hillary supporters and the Obama supporters are great friends who will vote for whoever the democratic nominee is. My hunch is that the most virulent statements are from fake democratic bloggers. The democratic people I know do not hate each other, if anything they are disgusted with the republican leadership as I believe even some republicans are. It was disgusting to see John McCain hug George W. Bush after the vicious and slanderous statements Bush's campaign made about McCain and his family. I would not have hugged Bush if his campaign trashed my family and I in the same fashion. I would have told Bush to kiss my... I am certain that the Bush campaign told McCain that it was just politics. Sure, it is just politics, if the players are scumbags.
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