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Craig Elias
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Bruce; Very astute of you to figure out there are more books coming. When I started writing SHiFT! almost 5 years ago it was designed to be the first in a three part series. My second book called "SHOVE!" is all about how to create the Trigger Events that push aside your competition. The third book called 'STAY!" is all about how to prevent Trigger Events and keep your customers. But there has been a series of Trigger Events in my own life and my own business that has brought the surface part of what you are talking about aligning marketing and sales activities to the buyers journey. So now I'm also working on a book called "SHINE!" on how to stand above the competition by aligning sales AND marketing activities around Trigger Events. Just like my first book it started with a webinar - For those already familiar with the book - - or Trigger Event Selling™ - - can jump to 10:20 mark where I start talking about the sales and marketing alignment process. It's also very astute of you to figure out the difference between being early vs. being engaged late. Eric Berridge, Cofounder of Bluewolf said at the Sales 2.0 Conference – San Francisco in March 2011... “70% of the buying decision is made before a sales person gets involved” As you mention by the time the prospect reaches out they typically have already defined the problem and designed the solution. Now they are just deciding who to buy from. The amazing part is that several research studies have shown that it's the prospect that reaches out the vendor 90% of the time. I'm on holidays for the next couple of week and would love to talk on Skype (Craig.Elias) to see if we write a joint blog post at some point. Have a GREAT week! Craig Elias Creator of Trigger Event Selling™
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Dec 30, 2009