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E Lily
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My 6th teacher was the Best!! He was lot of fun and very kind, and also he came our wedding,too!
My two wonderful children.
I love your mini kit! It's so cute!
My hero is my husband and my father. My husband is so sweet and help me always. My father can fix everthing around house :)
I love this set!! I would like to have it!!
I love hot chocolate!
My favorite color is white and silver. Also light blue!! I love snowflake.
I love love this kit!! I love Betsy's kit always :)! Thank you Betsy!!
I loved "Anne of Green Gables"! I would like to go "Prince Edward Island" some day :) I'm enjoying to see this release!!
I love Betsy's shakers!! I have shaker kit,too!! I love love this Christmas shakers,too!! Thank you Betsy!!
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Sep 10, 2014