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You're misinterpreting the statistics GK. Assuming everything that was said is fact: 70% of divorces are filed by women. 30% of divorces are filed by men. If 60% of the female filed divorces are filed due to adultery, that would mean that 42% of all divorces (60% of 70) are filed by women due to the actions of the husband. SO: 42% - female files, male's fault (he cheated) 28% - female files, female's fault (no adultery) 20% - male files, female's fault (she cheated) 10% - male files, male's fault (no adultery) So by your logic of "divorce because of adultery is the fault of the adulterer" that would mean: 52% - male's fault 48% - female's fault You can't say that female adultery is the female's fault even if the male files then say that male adultery is still the female's fault because she filed.
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Jul 7, 2010