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Elisha Cooke
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"Ex-McDonalds hiring this number dips below 200k.." McDonald's job fair was the 19th. Survey week was the week before, so McDonald's jobs get booked on the May report.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2011 on Payroll Report at Grasping Reality by Brad DeLong
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"Roosevelt Charged With Trickery in Announcing Jim Crow Army Policy, shrilled the Kansas City Call." Live shrillblogging World War II!
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Two minor quibbles: 1. Repin would be better characterized as Russian or Ukrainian-Russian. His parents were Russian, and he spent his whole adult life in Russia, though he sometimes painted Ukrainian subjects. 2. Unlike the narodniks before them and the SRs after, the Narodnaya Volya spent little time propagandizing the peasantry. Their strategy was revolution-first, so they put their energy into assassinations and other acts of terrorism.
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"Want to know why people aren’t happy with the health care system?" This is a joke, right? Didn't we just learn that everyone loves our employer-based health care system? And that any modification of it amounts to turning grandma into polar-bear chow? At least, that's what I learned from CNBC.
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WROSE THAN HILTER? Wrose than Hilter, Bimmler and Ron Vibbentrop together!
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Aug 25, 2010