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Have you all noticed how DISCRIMINATING the Predator attacks have become since barry-boy ordered them, as opposed to when Pres. Bush was getting it on? There have been more drone attacks in the last two months than in the previous two years, AND NOT ONE SINGLE REPORT OF Collateral Damage. Either intelligence is pinpointing ONLY terrorist meetings, or the Taliban have given up human shields, or, and this is my take, the Drone ordnance has been exquisitely calibrated to ONLY kill large numbers of black-turbaned men and to self destruct if a woman, child, dog or white turban is present. Don't laugh! If he can control the temperature of the Earth what's a small thing like a "PARTICULAR" Bomb! Hasn't his much-desired interlocutor, A´jad, warned us? The Iranian Nuclear Device that lands on Israel (that'll be the day!) will be so "particular", that only Zionists will die!
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"All things are known, and yet Free Will is given!" (Rabbi Akiva) It took a lifetime of reading and imagining and suffering and fighting for the greatest maverick, the ineffable Don Quixote, to come to the place where he could finally and truthfully say "I know who I am!" McCain says it with a conviction that shows he believes it, and inspires us to believe it too! On Jan 20th 2009, he will add the greatest of all self-belief expressions, one spoken by another outsider, Joseph, son of Jacob, Prince of Egypt, who said "Now I know why I am here"! McCain is already the stuff of History; he may be about to become the stuff of Legend!
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