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Pamela, if you don't know who "Observer" was who wrote the article in the New York Post, he was Immanuel Velikovsky, author of Worlds in Collision, Ages in Chaos, and other books in that series. There is an outside chance that some of the articles signed "Observer" were written by Professor Benzion Netanyahu, Prime Minister Netanyahu's father, a renowned professor of history. The elder Netanyahu and Velikovsky were close and friendly around that time, while both were living in the United States.
try this link too:,ScienceandProgress
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Yes, of course, there is a strong psychological-emotional component in Leftists in general, in the United States as elsewhere. And Leftism today is very much a manipulated body of public opinion. And big money from very rich people in fact goes to "leftist" groupings. Think of the Saudi money going for Islamist dawa and Middle East Studies, which today are overwhelmingly identified as left. Think of the big foundations that contribute to the Left. Moreover, perhaps certain individuals can be said to be brainwashed. Another thing is that Leftists today seldom talk about "class struggle" or "class analysis." They are NOT especially concerned for the poor, unless they are in the right country, belong to the right ethnic group at the right time, etc. Certainly, the working class means little to today's Left. Think of the millions of foreign workers in the Persian Gulf Arab emirates. You hear little from "leftists" about the working conditions and rights of these workers. You would probably be told that it's unfair to feel sorry or concerned for the foreign workers in Arab countries because their masters/employers do not belong to a designated oppressor race or ethnic group. Now where do the Jews come in? Without exhausting the subject, I have been convinced by a recent article that hatred of Jews on the Left goes back to medieval Christian theological/philosophical prejudices that held that --since Christian dogmas had been proven by reason/philosophy-- that the Jews perforce had to be unreasonable, perverse, enemies of reason and philosophy if they continued to reject those dogmas [ie. virgin birth, transubstantiation, etc.]. The Left owes much to the philosophies of Kant & Hegel & Voltaire who derived their views on Jews largely from Christian tradition, however much Kant, Hegel, Voltaire, may have seemed to oppose that tradition. K, H, & V saw Jews as hostile to philosophy and progress. Marx's views on Jews derive from Kant and Hegel, whereas Lenin's views derive from Marx, Kant, Hegel, Voltaire, etc. In other words, Leftism was Judeophobic from its origins, although that attitude may have been slightly concealed from time to time. Jews, particularly intellectuals, who joined the Left, picked up the values, ways of thinking, revered and enshrined by their movements. See:, Science and Progress
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especially for David: Leftism today is a manipulated body of public opinion. It has little connection today with those who used to be its main concern, that is, the workers or "working class." Those who supply "leftists" with motifs and themes and values may be very wealthy and powerful people. Now, to the Jews and our skin colors. My grandfather, born in Belarus [then part of the Russian empire], was actually brown-skinned or dark tan or whatever you want to call it. He lived in America, however, and was treated as white, just as many other Jews, Italians, Greeks, AND Lebanese, who were swarthy were treated as white [usually]. These swarthy people were accepted as white --in my view-- because their features were Caucasian and because Blacks [Afro-Americans] were so hated at that time [the chief advisor to pro-segregation governor Orval Faubus in the 1950s was a Lebanese, Jimmy Karam]. To go on, my mother was described as "olive-skinned" or, in Yiddish, "shvarts-heyn-evdik." She was very pleased with that term [combining the Germanic shvarts with the Hebrew word hhen {heyn in Yiddish} meaning charm, especially feminine charm] being applied to her, mainly by her father's friends. The term means "darkly attractive" or "darkly charming." So many of the European Jews who came to Israel 100 years ago were not necessarily pale or so light-skinned. Anyway, I can tell you that a lot of the Arabs here in Israel are no darker than I am [or even paler]. So factually, it is not correct to generalize about the skin color of either Jews or Arabs. There is a range of skin colors among both groups here in Israel. Arabs can even be blond and blue-eyed [consider Arafat's mother-in-law, Raymunda Tawil {maybe she dyes her hair, who knows?}], although that type is hardly predominant. The question now arises: How did the stereotype become established that Israeli Jews are pale and "white" whereas the Arabs are non-white, dark, etc.??? I remember back in the 1960s, various publications, both "leftist" and mainstream, would write that the Jews had come to live among "non-white" people. Hence, without explicitly characterizing the Jews as "whites" among "non-white" Arabs, the insinuation was being made. Of course, about half the Jews here are from Asian and African countries [not all dark either]. That fact was conveniently omitted from most of the anti-Israel discourse of the 1960s. What is significant and sinister is that 100 years ago, Jews in Western countries, Germany and Britain, for example, were characterized as "Oriental" and swarthy, etc. These features added up to the Jews being considered alien. Consider the British novel Trilby by George DuMaurier. The villain of the book is a swarthy, sinister, alien Jew --from Poland. John Buchan's novel 39 Steps, also treats the Jews as alien and sinister, although without emphasizing skin color. So the current typifying of the Jew in Israel as "white" and pale contrasted with the "non-white" Arab is a propaganda device utilized to portray the Jew as alien. He doesn't belong in the Middle East because of his skin color. Essentially, it is just a modification of the way the Jew is viewed in Trilby -alien here, there, and everywhere. So I think that the commonplace view nowadays of the Israeli and of Jews generally as "white" or "whiter than white," is the result of manipulation of public opinion. And Leftists seem to have been more susceptible to this manipulation than others. For Shrink, when you write of how the young woman, the victim, came to "love" her abuser, you seem to be close to describing what Bat Yeor calls Dhimmitude. Those non-Muslims who declare total loyalty to Arabism or to their Muslim oppressors, ready to pounce on a Christian in a Muslim country just because the faraway pope quoted a man dead for 600 years saying that Islam is violent --those non-Muslims are cases of dhimmitude. Shalom, Eliyahu
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