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Elizabeth D'Ottavio
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we want leaders as we hide behind the safety of technology. Where were you guys last night at the Town Hall Meeting?
Hello Jay, I agree that we need more parents to step up to the plate. I wrote and article for the Rye Record and I will be there tonight. Liz D'Ottavio-Eck
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2012 on Leaders in Rye: Do We Have Any? at
I suppose one of the choices the school could have made in hindsight is to address FRESHMAN FRIDAY "dead on", perhaps with a direct statement about consequences. I'm not sure this would have prevented anything? I guess we'll never know. In my opinion, the intention of this "secret" (not so secret)tradition is about "soon to be seniors" seeking out "soon to be freshman". It involves the school because the ritual is about an initiation between freshman and seniors. That is doesn't occur during school hours is irrelevant in my opinion. The Principal of the Middle school warned kids to go directly home and stay inside. At least she did that. Ultimately how we raise our children is up to us as parents. kids live what they learn at home, they follow our actions not our words.
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Jun 6, 2012