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Oh, how I would love to learn to knit! I have fond memories of my grandma knitting when I was a little girl. Unfortunately she passed away before she could teach me, and no one else in my family picked up the skill. I keep telling myself that some day I'll sign up for a class, but with a baby in the house I just don't see myself having enough free time to do that anytime soon. I adore that first picture, by the way. What a beautiful bonding moment!
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This post couldn't have come at a better time! I purchased my first DSLR last week, and I admit I'm now sitting here staring at it (because it's so darn pretty!), and feeling completely overwhelmed. And coincidentally, I went out this weekend looking for a good photography book, and ended up bringing home your photo idea book. :-) Thanks for all the awesome tips, suggestions, and inspiration!
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Aug 18, 2014