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I was a lot worse than that. I don't think I ate any vegetables other than green beans, corn, carrots, and qualifying salad vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers), til I was...oh, wait, I guess that's still my basic reportoire. I hate the taste and feel of broccoli. I can't really explain why, but brussel sprouts scare me--to the extent that I still haven't tried them. Same for cauliflower. I have this weird thing about pork products--I'm basically a semi-kosher Episcopalian. And I've never learned to drink milk--when I was 3, my mom told me Christmas morning Santa had taken all of my bottles away (the only way I'd ddink it), and I just decided that was the end of me and milk. I'm amazed my parents didn't kill me. I know it frustrated them. Astonishingly enough though, with the addition of Flintstones to my diet, it all seemed to end up okay. I'm now almost 40 and not obviously growth-stunted, and even managed to pop out 2 healthy kids--whose job it now is to drive me nuts on this very subject. Karma, I guess! Good luck. Know that you're not alone. And that there doesn't have to be a "reason". Sometimes things just are the way they are, and we deal with them the best we can..
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Mar 13, 2011