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Elizabeth Howe
The Middle of Everywhere
Spiritual Spelunker
Interests: Tarot, Astrology
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This is a great way to kick your writer's block!
Yes! It's easy to get caught up in small details and miss the larger point. I guess religions do this all the time, hence MANY religions! Check your Wickwillow link. I think it got fused to another URL when you created this post. A quick edit should fix it. Here's the URL in the meantime:
"In career, it is time to understand that career doesn’t need to be linear..." Thank you for that.
Thanks, Laura! That's what I love about this blog, the chance to write about the mystical side of the cards.
Thanks, Janet! I was really pleased by how on-target this reading was. I think drawing three cards for each team made that difference here. "I'm doing this reading the morning of the game, so there is a good chance the free will of the players will not cause a change in this outcome, but you never know." The point is, the Seahawks almost won the game, but didn't due to one decision. Isn't that a metaphor for life? Sometimes one decision can totally change the game! In any case, thanks for asking me to do a prediction. It was a lot of fun. Next time, maybe I should predict the halftime show? #LeftShark
Here's a tweet from the end of the game...
"One of the great things about Tarot card meanings is that they evolve and shift -- with time, with context, with changes in our life experiences." There is so much truth in this statement! It's easy for us to get stuck in a two-dimensional interpretation of certain cards, especially the ones with difficult messages. Thank you for writing this.
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Thank you!
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I was at a party once, where I gave a reading for a woman who was going through a nasty divorce. Another reading friend of mine looked on, while we read the 3 of Swords, the Tower, etc.. The reading gave some very useful advice, like playing close to her chest and remembering her children were watching her reactions to her soon-to-be ex. My friend said she was glad I did the reading instead of her. Sometimes the hardest part of reading is knowing how to be both honest and kind. We read for people who are searching for answers. If we sugarcoat or distort the truth, they leave empty-handed. Thank you for saying these things out loud.
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Jan 4, 2015
Thank you! And thank you for your kind support. You are a true wonder!
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I've known more than one intuitive woman who had better relationships with men than women. I find that interesting. I'm fortunate to have attracted some amazing people into my life, but I have my own hermitty times too. They usually involve a lot of sleep. :-) I've seen your decks, and they are beautiful! You have found a wonderful creative community in your little family. That is worth all the gold there is.
Absolutely! There's a certain vulnerability in tarot. Those images get under the skin pretty quickly. Have a beautiful 2015!
This is not a generous time of the year to be sick... My Christmas was peaceful. Happy New Year, and may you find both inspiration and stamina in 2015!
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I just bought my copy and a couple for friends. You really priced this low, my dear. May it fly off your electronic shelves!
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If I were to look at this as Past, Present, and Future; I would say whatever Willow started (Bean) has completed (World Cafe). There's a game-changer coming up ahead -- a BIG one (Wake Up Call). I think completing the cycle (From Bean to World Cafe) has simply been the windup to the Wake Up Call that's coming. I recommend not trying to take charge in this situation. Use that Bean energy to navigate what's coming up. You will be FINE. There was termite damage in those crumbling walls. You were going to have to replace them anyway.
Merry Christmas! Peace, joy, love, and all the beautiful gifts of this season to you and your family. xoxo Elizabeth
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2014 on Merry Christmas! at This Boyer Life
God bless us, everyone.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2014 on A Christmas Carol Card Spread at Thematic Tarot
Thanks, Janet! A few years ago I would have flipped out, but lately I've started to believe these experiences are part of my healing process. I've also come to understand that getting THIS life in some order helped get me ready to learn about former lives. Horses are better pullers than pushers... I'm excited to be part of this team! Thanks again for inviting me!
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Nov 17, 2014
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