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I think the use of popular music by popular artist in ads is a very effective strategy. If an ad uses a popular song, it is becoming relatable to many people. Chances are if the song is popular, it is liked by many and would be considered catchy. This concept will draw the attention of the viewers. The use of music in ads can also be used to provoke emotion, which may vary upon commercial. The nike commerical uses a familiar upbeat song which fits with the product. Another ad I think of that uses music to gain emotion from the viewers is the animal cruelty ads with Sarah Mcglaughlin music in the background. Her music is thought of to be slower and depressing and it does just that in these commercials. It makes the viewers feel a sense of strong compassion for these animals which is the ultimate goal of the advertisements.
The term in itself is not appealing and is hard to remember. The full term "hydraulic fracturing" is long, boring, and not sticky in any way. I think a way to make the term more catchy would be to abbreviate it. Perhaps something like hydrafracting or even, hy-fracting, or hy-fract. I think by shortening the term and giving it almost a nickname it is much more appealing.
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Jan 29, 2012