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The return of the Belgians is a huge boost for the WTA. I have not watched too many women's matches after Justine and Kim retired. The post-Belgium WTA was full of big grunters and big hitters who were overpaid by the sponsors... Justine is the Roger Federer on women's side and Kim is the Nadal in WTA. They are both good, quiet, classy and play beautiful games. 2010 will be a fantastic year for both the WTA and the ATP. The tennis fans will be the virtual winners.
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I did not like Nadal in the beginning. But I started to like him more and more. Just like Roger, Rafa is authentic about the game and genuine toward his fans. Vamos Rafa! Long live Roger! Plus, Novak is growing up and Murray is getting mature. As party-spoilers, Del-Po, Davydenko and A-Rod proved to be worthy competitors who make all the matches exciting and unpredictable. It is like a movie, none of these guys can be missing from the game. Sponsors: it's time to switch from Golf to Tennis. I never heard of any active tennis player to cheat on his wife or girlfriend because tennis is too demanding and it requires the player to be 200% focus in order to win a tournament.
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Dec 17, 2009