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Please forgive me, Kiwis. The courage and amazing attributes of the New Zealanders, esp those remembered by pinned down Australian troops in Vietnam, is legendary.
Please will someone take an AUstralian flag because I know I"m not the only Aussie who would be standing with you all on Sunday. Here, it's Anzac Day, the 'holiest' secular holiday in AUstralia, wherein we commemorate and honour the hundreds of thousands of Australian servicewomen and men who fought and died to stop facsism infesting the free world. God bless you all.
This is such good news. There are millions of Aussies who support this. One day soon please God there will be an international alliance of democratic nations to kick the UN up the bum.
What a fantastic bunch of kuffar islamophobes! I wish I coulda been there. thanks all for bringing this off.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2010 on FDI at CPAC: Quick Pics! at Atlas Shrugs
Even though I'm not able to put any confidence in Bible prophecy, this is one quote (David Perkins posted it above) that I really hope comes true!!!