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This would be beyond amazing & such a wonderful opportunity. Thanks so much for the chance.
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This would be BEYOND amazing. Thanks so much for the chance. -Ellie
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Oh those little chipboard darlings are telling me to add some paint ink and everything else!! Love your layout it just makes me smile:) -Ellie
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2011 on SC Blog Blitz at Kelly Purkey
That is BEYOND awesome! I also am on WW as well and since Jan have lost 27 lbs. its so much fun to be able to wear some of my fav. things that I had to put away DEEEEP in the closet now I have to pull them out my fav. thing so far has been my Leather jacket that I've missed wearing now I can put another jacket under it and still zip it up... WHOOP WHOOP :) Ha...Last weekend I had 2 people say hey you've lost allot of weight right.. why yes.. yes I have :) KEEP ROCKING girl.. I have to get me some new jeans and I am waiting 2 more weeks to do so.. I know its gonna be an awesome feeling :) CONGRATS to you again!
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2011 on a proud moment at Cherished Stories
Oh yes my friend actually put me on to them! Now wouldn't that goodie bag be awesome I would actually share w/my friend for introducing me to them. Thanks for the chance.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2011 on Giveaway!! at still me
You actually leave that room? I would live in there and wouldn't want to EVER leave.. WOW.. and WOW... Now to clean my drool.. Did I say WOW...
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Totally Drooling! Happy Weekend to you! :)
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on Giveaway!!! at still me
OH WOW.. now that is one amazing Giveaway! Good Luck everyone :)
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2010 on Giveaway!!! at still me
Well we don't start school here till 9/8 so we still have Summer left today is actually my son's last day of Baseball camp and its gonna be an awesome day after his closing ceremony we are going to head to the park where we are gonna have a Bubble Blast Party (all things bubbles!) and then next week we are heading to the City for the museum, Seaport, Flower Garden,Central Park and ice cream.. We are gonna make sure to end the Summer with a BANG! :)
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2010 on some little black dress, anyone? at still me
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Aug 20, 2010