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Interests: professional interests: small business, community, specialized search and marketplaces, global sourcing and trading, globalization and its effects on small businesses, loyalty programs, consumer membership programs and consumer data, China venture capital
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Unbelievably flattered to be on this list! Glad we share so many interests -- travel, China, social media, even impending global financial currency crisis. ;) Mutual appreciation society. Thanks so much for your contributions to travel and social media!
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Shel, Happy Birthday. "Stay curious" is great advice. Seeing you live that firsthand has been inspiring. See you tomorrow at #tbash.
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2009 on Yikes! I'm 65. at Global Neighbourhoods
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Auren, agree with your post. I can do better on this dimension. BTW, there is a typo in the final paragraph - "few wrongs down" should be "few rungs down". Thanks for writing this post. Elliott @elliottng
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on Successful people return calls at Summation
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This is turning out to be the Commons in the center of Twitterville! I wouldn't miss it!
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Awesome post Paul! Its incredibly freeing at this point in our lives just to focus on making something happen in a big way. Meanwhile at some other big companies we both know, cultural conservatism and corporate CYA'ism continues with layoffs of folks, some of which may be the right ones to go, and some of which are obviously the wrong ones. Where's the security in that? And anyway, who needs that crap? Not me. Let the packaged corporate players over there continue to solve for their own jobs, their own promotions, and their own company-specific non-portable reputation while the rest of us go on, fully live life, create something great, and try to make a difference. Love the sentiments expressed in this post and best of luck on the beginning of your journey here! KICK BUTT Paul! Congrats!!
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2009 on Fanminder beta is live at Fanminder Blog
OK, I agree with this assessment. One trend that I'd like to play out is that many A-players leave to start their own company but they represent an unfundable incomplete team. With a rocky time in front of us, perhaps some of these A-players would seek another successful startup platform to do innovative things. At UpTake, we are looking for people like this - and we have the platform to provide them. Contact me at elliott at uptake dot c0m. We are hiring a few rock stars and just like Rapleaf have dinged a massive number of fairly good people to wait for the right person to join our team. Thanks Auren for another insightful post on hiring!
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