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Solid take. I don't like Jones for this for how high his odds are. Jones has been stunned a few times by 2 -3 people already. Anthony smith is going to be one of the few people that only want to take his head off and I don't think we've seen it that much with Jones fights. By the way, i also write about sports news and betting on my blog.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2019 on UFC 235 Betting at Football Betting
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I like to clarify the token use of Restart Energy RED MWAT-Token. My understaning is like this: There are 2 Token. MWAT Token, which you can trade on external exchanges, like Kucoin at the moment. This gives you access to the RED-Platform, where you can buy, sell, store or trade RED-internal energy token (KW-Token). And it gives you the right to start a franchise. KW-Token This can be loaded up to 1 MWh. Each token holder of MWAT-Token will get a free monthly load of energy stored as KW-Token. So this is what you can imagine like a battery. You can trade your KW-token, or you can use them to pay your bill, if in your country RED has a residence or a franchise. So the use of MWAT-Token will be to get free KW-Token, which you can trade on the RED-Platform. This is like a passive income. I shared your post on my blog.
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Feb 26, 2019