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Beautiful post! What a great find. I collect all the glass that emerges in my garden, too along with an old tax token, glass button and hand-blown marble. Our foot prints are always on top of someone else's. You and your kids might like to share the story of your house in this project:
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Rachel, I'm truly grateful for the space you've created for the cultivation of gratitude and for all the others, especially writers, who join in!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2013 on Cultivating gratitude. at Clean.
And, #8, I am grateful for this post that gave me inspiration for my own today!
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Farming can feel like truth-sowing. Hands in the dirt, you get to know better who you and your family members are. While I have not yet branched out into my own chickens or bacon or beef, I come from the western ranching culture and remember what it was like to push cattle to and fro summer pastures and know--truly know--my food. It is an intimacy that may puzzle vegetarians, but truth is the best way I can think to describe it. And I want my food to align with the truth of who I am. Love your thoughtfulness, as always! And thanks for the book suggestions (Shannon Hayes).
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Have a wonderful day! You gotta know when to write, and when to just look at cranes.
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Ah, what an uplifting, refreshing blog post! As good as that dip in the creek looks!
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Jul 6, 2013