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Merv Richter
Eloquent Systems Inc. provides software and services to knowledge management (KM) professionals whose role is to assemble, organize and make available the “knowledge resources” required by their enterprise. Knowledge resources include content such as documents, videos, audios, artifacts, diagrams, maps, etc. that represent the critical resources of the enterprise. Eloquent software provides support for the entire life cycle of these knowledge resources: accessioning, curating, privacy protection, security, delivery to people who need them, freedom of information response, and timely disposition at the end of their life cycle. The software is web-based and mobile-friendly, enabling everyone in the enterprise to access the same database and to catalog their own material. They have only “one place to look” and do not require private silos of information. Eloquent Software Products: 1. Eloquent WebSuite™ - Package of 4 Applications 2. Eloquent Records™ - Records Management Software 3. Eloquent Library™ - Library Management Software 4. Eloquent Archives™ - Archives Management Software 5. Eloquent Museum™ - Museum Collections Management Software
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Feb 18, 2017