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Gary, making friends is good enough reason to invite ALL to WCC front yard. Hats off!
You are on the move these days girl! And it looks like your pen is always burning that page! So much collaboration going on, that’s the way to do it. Keeping good company and moving along like a pro. Me? I’d like to collaborate with Maya Angelou since I once spoke with her at a writers’ conference and I admire her spirit. Adore her heart. May every good door be opened to you!
Woa woa sweet thang!
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Exactly! Be that early awakener who sees those things that aren't as though they were.
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Why did I not know about his site? Why have I just now discovered this treasure house? It isn’t just Christianity that causes disillusionment, although you’ve hit the mark here. It’s the culture at large too. The world and the church both define success for us. The experts out there tell us how to make something of ourselves, how to ‘better’ ourselves. And religion follows suit. In fact, the church has so utterly conformed to the world’s values that there is very little distinction between the church and the world. One is just ‘secular’ and the other ‘sacred.” But neither is real. The only truth I know is that mystery that once was hidden for ages and generations:” Christ in you, the hope of glory.” We have this treasure in these earthen vessels, but it’s up to us to dig deep. It doesn’t surface without our help, as you suggest. I copied and pasted from one site to the other. Forgive the duplicate comment.
Bill, this is a novelty, the first sermon by Satan. What a counterfeit, that rascal. Powerful poem,and here’s a decent parable on postmodern religion.
I like the images… “delicate hands washed in rough water”… The 2nd stanza is powerful too… But then again, they all are! Kudos!
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Once you know the ABC’s of salvation yourself, you’re qualified to go out and witness. Once you’ve gone to the training classes and have been thoroughly taught how to win souls, you’re given a pass to go out and make disciples, to compel them to come. Amen? Can I get a witness? I remember one day two witnesses rode up to my house on bikes. Two by two, the young men in white shirts and black ties knocked on the door. I invited them in. “Is there a man in the house?” One asked. When I told them no, they said it was against their policy to come into a woman’s house without a man present. So I sat with them on the porch, just to see what pitch they had to offer. “Did you know that there’s a living, breathing prophet walking the earth today?” One asked. “Yeah,” I answered. “I’m one of them.” Imagine the looks I received. Then I proceeded to tell them that all God’s sheep should hear his voice for themselves. Should experience him directly, and not through another. In fact, “another we will not hear.” One of the men was leaning forward, most interested in what I said. And the other? He practically had to drag the one with ears to hear back to their bikes.
Delightful read! Just look what Motown has contributed to the world! ~ Debra
Oh honey, # 8 jumped out at me. Why do some poor people think they are entitled to money they haven't earned? Great question! #15 is another: Why all of a sudden is everyone posting and sending the same pictures and quotes on social sites? This tells me that some don’t think for themselves. Have we turned into sheep? Amen girl!
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Truth is, the religious system is no different from the other systems “of this world”, i.e., the political, educational, medical, etc. They’ve all set themselves up as gods – or were set up by the god of this world. When one knows the Lord intimately and has a true revelation of Jesus Christ, he begins to cut himself loose from every chain that binds, from every system that offers a substitute for the REAL deal.
Hi Brian. It's about time you joined us. I hope we can be friends. Are you one of us?
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Were any of the prophets flawless? I don't think so ;-)
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Oct 22, 2011
No doubt, Bill, this project is a call on your life. It won’t leave you alone. It won’t let you go until you (like Jonah) turn around and heed the call. God has his hand on you, not in any conventional way, but in a very unique and radically different way. You are a prophet in the truest sense of the word. I see so many religious folk out there pretending to hear from God. But not many have gone into the wilderness and shut down their myriad religious activities long enough to hear his voice. And that’s what a prophet does: listen and report what they’ve heard. Every time I read your words, I feel deep down that God has chosen you for such a time as this. Go with that flow of spirit. And if and when you start to feel an inkling of depression, drop me a line. I’m praying for you. I will continue to pray for you. Please connect with me when you start to doubt that you’re on the right track. I know you are. When I read this post, there was such an inner witness. The spirit of God is so strong in you. That’s what makes you different. Are you “one of them?” The Prodigal Prophet is one too. Since there aren’t very many of us, my soul rejoices when I meet up with one!
Yes. It all boils down to reaping and sowing, doesn’t it? Or, as some would say, good or bad karma. Real simple. Christianity is simple to everyone except those drowning in it.
My pleasure Bill. Had it not been for your writing courage, I doubt I’d have written a blog post on this. But you’re right. It has opened doors for sharing.
Martha, yes, you are blessed indeed to have found a place of unconditional love and acceptance. And I hope you always feel at home where you are. The issue with us isn’t forgiveness. Indeed there are times to let things ride. And there are other times when one is called to write about painful experiences from which they’ve learned valuable lessons, so that others will heal from their own hurts and disillusionments. I’d like to join Emily’s upcoming study. I’ll check it out. Thanks so much!
Jessica, I knew that if anyone could relate to this post it would be you ;-) The ostracism sounds familiar, aye? I’m with you 100% when you say we have to be true to ourselves and to Christ, and we must care more about what God thinks than what others perceive about us. Posting the article that resulted in getting you bounced from the room was perfectly fine. I see no harm is bringing this to the light. Besides, we need not suffer alone. Others who follow Christ have been rejected too, and may need to share their own stories (as I did). It’s what strengthens our own courage. And how about what I was tempted to reply? My first reaction was: “Well, I’d rather walk the walk than talk the talk!” Hello? Times haven’t really changed at all since the days of Christ, have they? I’m sure that if Jesus had been blogging in his day, he’d have been the FIRST to be kicked out of the group – yes?
Helen, you are talking about some serious bondage here when you say that these women stayed in toxic marriages for fear of having divorce “charged to their account.” What legalism on the part of that counselor! I know a woman who was in an abusive situation, but was told that she’d be excommunicated from the church if she filed for divorce because it wasn’t “scriptural.” You have quite a story girl! Did you miss out on your “blessing” because you ended up divorcing the porn addict? I don’t think so…
Hi Linda! I wrote a short story called Marriage Counseling. Since you shared your sad story with me, I should email you a copy of mine. It was based on a real session, but fictionalized. Also I turned mine into comedy ;-) Better to laugh at such fiascos than sit around brooding – amen? Maybe we should collaborate on a novel. We could come up with a contemporary version of The Scarlet Letter and produce a bestseller. Sound good? We’ll come up with a good pseudonym and split the profits. I actually have a couple of friends who did this and relished every minute of it. What a prime example of having been persecuted for being yourself. No doubt you had to wear your phasisee mask during that session! I can just see this sad joker now, the marriage counselor. Was he wearing a leisure suit? And your ex – I say capitalize on his crime.
Jessica, that is my theme song. His loving-kindness is better than life… I’ve SO been there too girl! When venturing off the beaten path you discover endless possibilities. It is a high call to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness instead of mainstream thinking. Of course it’s only a remnant that searches out the hidden treasures of the kingdom. When I started reading Morton Kelsey, Brennan Manning, John Sanford, Thomas Merton, and others of spiritual depth, my mainstream Christian buddies had a few cautionary words. But in the end, it’s the Master who is our teacher, and who hands out the assignments. And sometimes the assignments are books by obscure authors NO ONE has heard of or would dream of reading. After all, the Way is a narrow one, and few there be that find it. So thankful to have met you, dear friend, along the narrow path toward the kingdom of righteousness!
Amen Brother David! Ditto to Martha’s comment. I’m enjoying your cartoons!
You might be right brain dominant if you are intuitive and prefer elusive, uncertain information, are creative and artistic, and favor collegial authority structures. If someone were to do a study on the rebels of the faith like Jesus and us, they’d discover a brain-brain leaning, having been wired toward iconoclasm, don’t you think? There’s nothing new though. In the time of Moses God grew angry with the people because they demanded a mediator. Same old story today. People only seek out authority figures and celebrity voices because they clearly don’t want to hear God’s voice for themselves. Your messages are such a proverbial breath of spring, and have a prophetic (in the NT sense) distinction to them. You just tell it like it is, regardless. That’s the prophetic ministry, to swim against mainstream thinking.
These should be good :) Especially the one on spiritual "covering."