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Damn, I wanted to edit that comment, but took too long. So hopefully it can be deleted. Here's the revised version. On #2, I think "image" is a hugely talked-about part of career prospects. Image consulting is a pretty well-established and profitable industry, no? It is in Trinidad, and I'd imagine even more so in more developed economies. The "get ahead at work" aspect of fashion/fitness may not be overtly stated in ads, but I would say it's implied, just as "if you get a hard body, you will fuck more people" doesn't need to be said to advertise a gym. I think most people (at least in white-collar careers) try to dress well, get somewhat fit, etc., but it's a matter of red-queen behaviour. Enough people make the investment in their appearance, so it doesn't raise the relative status of very many folks. To me, the equilibrium looks like most positive appearance-based discrimination being based on the relatively 'fixed' factors: height, waist-hip ratio, charisma, etc. My response to #2 is a signal that I'm in total agreement on #9.
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Great post, Ben. I was wondering: of all the developing countries you've visited thus far, which ones would you say had cultures most conducive to entrepreneurship? Which cultures were least-entrepreneurial? By culture, I mean it in the same sense of family values and attitudes to risk/wacky ideas, independent of government policy (which I see as bounded by cultural norms, but not necessarily an expression of those norms).
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Aug 31, 2010