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Elsa I. Villanueva
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Dear Holley, Count me in! I just discovered your (in)courage site and your God Sized Dream plan today and haven't been able to read much. It might be too late for me but I want to try to do as much as I can with whatever time I have left of your 21 days. I am really, really scared, but I want to have the courage to pick up my pen and try to write with Him. One thing I hope to get out of The Rest of Your Story series is...The courage to write The Story of My Life in order to help and bless others that had lived or might be experiencing situations similar to the ones I have lived. In 2009 I felt I lost all my Hope and all my Faith. My God Sized Dream right now is to be able to get back my Hope, get back my Faith and be completely Restored, so that God can use me to bless and help those hurting.
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Jan 28, 2010