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I am due in 3 weeks. When I was flying in August, I was asked 5 times in the same airport if I was SURE it wasn't twins. Gee thanks, but yes, I am SURE! This weekend was the best though. My husband and I went out to a nice dinner, and an old man came up to us and said, "Sorry about your condition. It's a lot more fun to make them than it is to raise them." Um, ok.
We are also going through this right now. I am due in Oct. ten days before my daughter's second birthday. We thought it would be a good idea to transition before her brother got here. Oh how I miss the crib at times! Bedtime isn't that hard on us, but naps are a nightmare!! She has emptied out her dresser drawers and bookshelves; she will do anything not to nap some days. She was a climber or I'd just put the crib back up. The only advice I've found useful is that at SOME point she will out grow this phase. Good luck to you, and know that you aren't out there alone!!
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Sep 11, 2012