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Hi, an example of older women who speak like thaaaassss (frog-y voice) is GMA contributor Tory Johnson. She is also author of weigh loss success story The Shift. She is pleasant, accomplished, nice. Ok. But, when she talks...! And her facial expressions! Like "eeww" ! I DK, wrinkling nose, raising eyebrow. Sge reminds me of Rebecca Black wheb interviewed by abc. Oh, well. BTW, Drew Barrymore's voice seems to be improving.
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Great piece! But, I have noticed this Creaky Craze goes beyond American young women. Men do it too. And the trendier the clothes, the creakier the voice. I also notice women well vinto their 50s talk like this. Also, there is a facial expression that goes with the voice. (Kind of like, "eeww"!) Something like that! There is Brit creaky voice, Aussie creaky voice, Indian, Southerner, and so on. The most amusing example was a young nun or novice speaking to a reporter in creaky voice! But, she was adorable!
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May 16, 2013