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Phylis Plis grow!!! U are very ryt to say u have no idea in politics.Ur comment talks for it's self. And to you Rexon, we dont need to split for things to be alryt rather, things get alryt when we are UNITED. And to My Biya! i think the burden of proof now rest on him.Becoz NJFN has just justified the fact that Biya lied last he was interviewed in Paris. Lets wait and see if Biya will also bring out his own letters to Fru Ndi or may be invite him now as Dr Tamajong (SDF SG) rightly suggested last two weeks. This payé sef...
These guys think there are doing Good to Biya.Unfortunately for them Biya has already been dethroned by the person who put him there for Betrayal(GOD) Fornjindam, not bcoz u were arrested for embezzlement, taken to Y,de and u returned within Three days u think u are a Hero!Turn to ur left and ask John what happened to him while he was Miniter of Transport.You guys have no sense of feeling talkless of pity to the suffering masses.Where is the Democracy u are preaching in ur (Cameroon People's DEMOCRATIC Movement) should Biya have more 25yrs. Listen! Ur point is not admissible in this Court.The court that has jurisdiction over such plea is in Heaven.So, i buy the opinion that u send a motion To God who is the Judge in this court and see if he will grant u audience. You sould be Ashame of yourselves. Nonsence!!!
May we pray please! Mighty and most gracious Father hear our prayer this day.We thank very much for our country Cameroon and all its stakeholders.But then father our greatest worry is that our Country has turned its back on us. The President decides to impress the outside world to our detriment.Oh yaweh! and now hunger and frustration has eaten deep in the minds our Journalist on whom we count for information. Father, help change the minds of other Brothers who think that division will be a solution.What we need is a lead full of wisdom in the likes of King Solomon.Our roads are in the worst of state and consequently killing our people.Oh! dont allow your people to perish. Democracy, just like AIDS has eaten deep negatively in the minds of our people and consequently, nobody cares.This is not our portion father.This is our humble prayer in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray.
Oh! Yahweh have mercy on us. Last week i was chatting with a friend and Brother on yahoo mesenger and we were lamenting on the stead of our roads by home, and today it has happened. May our Good God heal and keep safe the survivors. Amen
Molaba,I belief in God and not in god.I give a damm to all those who read the bible like Elate (in GOOD FOOT) read the news paper upside down.Tikoman thank u for reminding us to leave the Man of God do his work. And to u Danny boy, ur eloquence in writting shows that u're somoeone of high educational standing but plis spare the Pastor with u're unfiltered words(feyman.ref. read Tikoman and Ernest's view again plis. Its really a pity the an Annoited person will think that all those who are out of Cameroon are on refugee status.Come to think abt it if u read btwn the lines, u will notice that all of us maybe except u are of very high educational profile and those deserve some respect to each other. *Touch not MY Annoited and do MY Prophet no harm*
If i didnt know Rev Masok, i will also comment like some of u guys. He was my Pastor back home (PC BONABERI) his growth and strong belief in God i dont doubt at all.While in Bonaberi, he brought in many changes that made us to feel more at home and in Gods presence.In fact he made it clear to the haves(rich) that they can never sway him from the right path with their money. I can testify to this till he left it never happened. This is no surprise to me. And i believe very strongly that if given a chance, he can chance the minds of all corrupt officials in Cameroon.Becoz he did chance the minds of double thinkers at PC Bonaberi. May the Almighty grant much of such to our Pastors and all who promote Gods work.I urge u Rev. to move into UB and convert more.If u dooubt where to start in UB, get back me please plis u have my details and i will show u.
This is totally misleading! Paolo is just preparing yet another machinary to transform our next elections in his favour. I think i buy the point of KB coz, if you read well its said Abah Abah was 'Dismissed' while Mebara was 'replaced' not dismissed. Lets all wait and see. Oh! God see into our prob'
Am realy sick and tired of this old people being cummulatively appointed. MR Akere, when will the Bar be lauched?
This is pure nonsense. I strongly believe there is no case here. before we know it, the President will have to come in. My question is what about the other Eleven 11 arrested in Siyams case? they seem to have nothing to say, then keep them there. May they be released pls.