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Margaret Elwood
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For the record, I submitted this rhyme just for fun and certainly would never send a silly rhyme in a business setting. I was surprised and delighted at the response I got, but agree that David and the others did the hard and honorable work required to rewrite the email.
Yikes! The combination of intrusiveness, shamelessness, and bad writing made me pull out my dictionary to see whether I could use the word "effrontery" in this comment. Yes!
Thanks, David and Leslie. For the record, I'm not particularly PROUD of my doggerel; I just said that I had to get it out of my system. Your Haiku will be more succinct and honorable, I'm sure. I suffer from Limerick's disease. I'm helpless; I'm down on my knees. These words in my brain Will drive me insane -- Just shoot me, won't somebody please?
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Mar 5, 2010