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If I read the Netflix Blog right, the $15.98 means Unlimited streaming AND Unlimited dvds. But they don't say if Unlimited dvds means only 1 disc at a time out or what. I really hope they aren't going to 1 dvd at a time only, that will suck. I like having 2 dvds in rotation. And there's still so much that's not available streaming. Heck there's still a lot of tv shows that aren't fully streaming. I wanted to watch Columbo after Peter Falk died - half the first season is dvd only. I've had issues with other tv shows like that too - there will be a few episodes that are DVD only, sometimes it means getting a dvd just to watch 1 episode.
I moved and opted not to have basic cable (it was more than what I paid before) and since I was new to the area I got an introductory offer on cable. I started paying for Hulu plus in addition to Netflix. At one point I had the full digital package with HD and a dvr. Sometimes I miss it. But I liked having the money better. I can watch most shows the day after they broadcast so I'm not stuck just watching last season's shows.
I don't like this and I called Netflix and explained, politely, what I didn't like: the icons are too big. On my monitor I can only see 1 row at a time. There is no way to sort anything. It's just all randomly jumbled in there. Having to mouseover to see the ratings. I don't like this. It's hard to scan and see what might be interesting AND it makes it harder to rate what I've already seen/know I won't like. The rep I talked to was really nice and said he'd gotten a lot of calls but most people were saying they didn't like it. He didn't even know that sort had been taken away. My advice is to call and be very specific about what you don't like and why it's unusable.
Before I saw this post I was on the phone to Netflix complaining about the new layout. The biggest complaint I have is they took away the ability to sort anything. I told the CSR that and he was really surprised and said he hadn't noticed it but that they were getting complaints. I explained the different ways I use sort and hopefully the feedback will be taken into consideration. I also complained that my Queue had never been put back to the proper order and so I deleted most of it and tried to re organize it. Only to hit on the fact I can't sort in Watch Instantly and had to go to all movies and sort that way. He also mentioned that there's a new feature that might be in the works -- a sortable queue feature. Hopefully they'll fix the watch instantly problems and then implement that.
My instant queue is all messed up. And it's not just because Netflix is putting all tv seasons under 1 title. Things are completely changed - I watch Netflix streaming on my blu ray player. I had my own particular order that I wanted to watch certain things. For example I had all the Doctor Who (the old stuff not the new stuff) by date, with the oldest to most recent - and that's all changed. Things that were on the fourth screen on the blu ray player listing are now on the first. And some of the stuff that I watched most recently was bumped all the way to the end. I do not like this at all.
I have the 2 out plan w/Blu Ray access and it's going up by $1/month. I don't know what it will be with other plans but for me even though it's slightly annoying the $12/year isn't huge. Plus according to the article I read on Yahoo one reason for the price increase is so they can have more money to spend on acquiring streaming rights.
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Nov 22, 2010