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It is a good thing you guys and gals are stitching this thread in CyberSpace; If you were face-to-face, there would be blood. :) It would be funny were it not so sad; Each half of the human race blaming the other half for _all_ the race's problems, when the true cause is too much prosperity, and the two choices are to go backward, to a society of scarcity, which enforces the nuclear family, or forward, to a society of plenty, where each individual can live as they choose, and the only ones who choose the difficult path of raising a family are those who should. A relevant, revealing example: Heinlein's novel "Podkayne of Mars" which people today see as a role model for teenage girls, but which was written as a warning for parents too busy with their own lives, and careers, properly to raise their children. The happy ending was grafted on by the editor, to improve sales; In the original, Poddie, who should have been taught better by her parents, makes a childish, emotional choice, and dies for it. Paraphrasing another Heinlein observation on Global thermonuclear War; The US, and the rest of the world, are in for Hard Times, and the only good news is that, for a change, intelligence will have survival value; Choose sides, team up, and start preparing to live the future, rather than discuss it.
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Jan 2, 2010