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Oops! No one EXPECTS the Spanish Inquisition! (damn you autocorrect)
No one suspects the Spanish Inquisition! Above is the reason why I will forgive you all for not allowing Parrish on the mission. I would love to see him there, douche-ing it up with Fargo and Holly, only to have Grace smack him down with authority (can I say, "perfect" that she is Captain?) Loved that Parrish is revealed as Fargo's childhood Nemesis. D&D with Fargo and Holly was hilarious as well. LOLOLOLOL Wallace Shawn as "Jack" - I forgive him for breaking them up last week so we could have his absolutely hilarious performance this week. Absolutely best moment, Jack consoling a weeping Warren "who's a big guy" and telling Henry to "shut up". Much as I love Henry having Grace now, I've been missing Henry a bit. I really like him and Jack being a little more involved in the hijinks together. Good call on Jo and Zane. I knew one of them couldn't go (for storytelling arc, shipper geeks! Grow a pair and get over it - you know you're gonna load up the inet with all sorts of porny fanfics anyway - I had to wait YEARS for Jack and Allison and had to endure that whole Nathan arc ...tho Jenna is adorable). For Jo and Zane's relationship to play out properly it can't be resolved so simply. It makes sense it will work out over the last season. BTW - *spoiler...guess, not alert* I have a feeling that Jo's statement "If you're gonna travel a billion miles for something it's gotta mean more than that" is foreshadowing that we're not quite done yet. Thank you Writers, for letting me have Jack and Ally a little longer...I know there's probably some sort of fork in the road for them too. Two weeks! Can't wait to see Andy's experience on Titan. I so wish they'd find wormholes already...would totally volunteer to be a test traveler. ('shippers, fic me up some space/time travel too please!)
Heh, redundant. I already have every episode saved on my DVR. Only show I DVR and watch simultaneously.
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2011 on Monday Marathon! at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
I used to love Wallace Shawn, now I want to smack him. Salli and Colin did a great job of being gutted at the end of the ep. Liked the methane snow and the gas cloud...wanted to see more of the freaky plants on methane. Poor Zane, I suppose he's actually gonna have to leave before Jo will react... Am I the only one who thinks Henry is going to find a way to go to Titan?
Didn't get a chance to write last week. Loved Larry's powertrip moments! Long overdue! Also loved the Iso chamber moments and Fargo's increasing leadership skills. Bittersweet moment at the end, this week's ep proved there was some foreshadowing going on there!
I'm a little heartsick right now, I've relied on your show as a pick me up/mood changer for a few years now, so I'm going to be having adjustment issues. Thank you so much for creating a wonderfully smart, original and creative show. I can only congratulate you on your vision, and your skills for seeking out superbly talented writers, cast and crew. I will definitely miss it... However, if the suits don't let you finish, may I suggest...the Web/ and or a final movie? Just saying... PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP to "the suits" at Comcast/Nbc-Universal
Reeling, still reeling, I know it's just a tv show but heck-innit, this show is a gem. It's charming and entertaining without sacrificing it's wit and I'm just shocked that SyFy would choose to cut it. That being said, re: the episode, I really enjoyed it. Loved that Zoe and Jo had to team up so soon after the emotional "Zane" bomb was dropped. It was a clever way to reinforce their relationship and sisterly bond. I also loved seeing Zoe come into her own. I had hoped to see her in Eureka "the next generation" with Kevin and Jenna, but I digress. Great work from Salli and the whole group. Also, can I say how much I loved that cute little interaction between Henry and Zane? I liked that whole "paternal"-esque vibe between them. Makes perfect sense for the characters... I did miss some space science, tho. Want to see more of the project development. Going to eat a tub of Ben&Jerry's ChubbyHubby now. kay - bye
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2011 on "Omega Girls" - Comment Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Whoever said that the Writer's room is just showing off now...I second that. I fully expect hidden cam tapes showing everyone doing aerialist tricks while dictating into Dragon software. I don't know how Ferguson manages to be both doofy and sexy at the same time but this episode was a total win for him *that girly shriek in the floating bank...genius*. Of course sexy as hell the moment he got around Salli. Great moments for her, too. Her panic at losing time, and then the slinky/creepy vibe at the end...great work! My only problem is that this is hinting at upcoming angst and I'm so not ready for it yet! I don't normally love schmoop, but Jack and Allison together are just gold. Of course Jo/Zane are getting more and more riveting with every episode. Thank you for letting this relationship develop. Previously, I'd thought of it as a charming side-note, but not an essential (like Alison/Jack). However, season four has flipped that. I can't wait to see what happens when"the Felon" and "the Grunt with a Gun" take on the naysayers at GD. Henry HAS to go into space. But I did love the idea that Beverly was washing him out of contention. Will be interesting to see how her interference will manifest. Especially wondering what will happen now that Fargo is in charge. Looking forward to seeing him square off with Beverly. BTW, have to agree, why haven't S.A.R.A.H and/or Andy spotted Alison's cerebral implant?
Yeah, who is baby Jenna? Amazing little actress, we couldn't get over how well she was picking up her cues.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2011 on "Glimpse" - Comment Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Eureka just makes me happy. I mean, I've enjoyed it from the beginning, but this year! I LOVE the funny, I think the science is getting even more interesting (and more directed, with the wormholes/space travel/time conundrums, granted that might be because it's my own geek obsession). I'm enjoying all the romance - I LOVE Jack and Alison together and have been waiting for this since season one. They have amazing chemistry. I'm so happy Henry is finally happy after seasons of pain - poor Joe Morton deserves a break. I really enjoy the reset with Jo/Zane. I always thought they had nice vibe but the relationship happened too easily - I'm enjoying this cheekier Zane and more cautious Jo - they have a great storyline unfolding. I'm even loving how Fargo seems to be growing into himself this season. (Dangerous to love!) Heh - do like it that he and Zane are kinda "buds" now and that he has a new nemesis in Parrish. Suffice to say on Mondays, there's a perma-smile on my face...and so far, I've rewatched this season whenever I'm feeling grouchy/depressed/hormonal. My Sweetheart thanks you.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2011 on "Glimpse" - Comment Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED