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I haven't seen any generic a woman as president polls in a while. Ignore if this is too well trod to do but 1) Would vote for a woman as president/Would not, 2) A female president would be as a strong leader as a male one, stronger, less strong. Broken out by party, gender, etc. Would be interesting to see if partisan opposition to Hillary on Rep side is reflected in generic questions on women as president.
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Not sure how to phrase it, but expanding on the earlier question is there a way of teasing out attitudes toward the Democratic party state vs. national. Is there are greater percentage of Kentucky residence open to supporting a generic Democrat for state-wide office vs. federal office. Do they think strategically? OK for the state, but association with the national party agenda on the federal level nullifies some support? Would also like to see Iraq intervention support: 1) No involvement/stay out of it, 2) seek to find diplomatic solution but nothing else, 3) material support---weapons/intelligence but no military involvement, 4) air/drone strikes but no ground troops, 5) all-in troops, air support, us military presence in the country.
Oh! Do you believe Climate Change is happening? If it's happening are humans contributing to it? If it's happening and humans are contributing to it should the federal government adopt policies to reverse/slow the impact?
Teasing out Kynect vs. Obamacare approval. More likely/less likely to support a candidate whose policy would mean the end of Kynect. Support for Medicaid expansion. More likely/less likely to support a candidate whose policy would roll back that expansion. Somehow openness to supporting a generic Democrat for federal office whose values, policies you agree with vs. would not support a Democrat under any circumstances. Measured against current support for Grimes. Does she have room to grow? Is there a ceiling?
Are you doing some variation of "understands problems of people like me" or "more likely to support policies that help the middle class" for Brown and Warren? I'd also like to see some sort of breakdown of Brown's support among democrats and democrats who are strongly committed to voting for Obama. Some measurement of the number of split ticket voters there are for president/senate in MA.
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Mar 14, 2012