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Colchester, UK
Interests: opera, listening to music, blogging., reading, writing, going to the proms in the summer
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Thanks for this Margaret. While they may be correct in terms of dates I just found the two phrases jarred. I am a few more chapters in and cannot say I am finding the book particularly riveting. Drooling over Albert really made me cross!!
I have done a video and it will be up soon
I have been reading in a very desultory fashion the last couple of months. I have found it impossible to settle down and concentrate. Isn’t it odd when you think you are going to have all this time and so... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Random Jottings
Thank you all for your comments which are much appreciated. I did hesitate before putting this up because, quite frankly, one wrong word nowadays and you are crucified. I did not link this post to twitter as is my custom the word Cummings would cause a stream of abuse and I have no with to engage with these people. So thank you again
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thank you so much Theresa for those kind words, that has made my day. When the madness is over, yes you must come visit and let me know when you do. I will keep blogging and ranting and have now started videos as well on You tube. 2 so far and I am planning more
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I soon reverted to not Watching the news. At first I felt I needed to know what was going on but it soon became clear that nobody really knew! So I gave up. The BBC is a lost cause and the sooner they lose the licence fee the better and I never thought I would say that in my lifetime
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Despair is the right word
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I think the press craziness is world wide to be honest Karlene
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Strig quartets and tenors, wonderful but not every day!
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Robert Preston asked one question in the Cummings conference that was so rambling That Cummings was doodling and taking notes! So tired of it all
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Very wise.....
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People have been asking why I have not had a Random Rant for some time. Well the answer is simple, I did not think that this was an appropriate time to moan about trivia or things that personally irritate me... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2020 at Random Jottings
The weather is so beautiful at the moment that a visit to Felixstowe this weekend would have been wonderful but, alas, along with other festivals this year has had to be cancelled. We had a superb line up and the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2020 at Random Jottings
I have no intention of giving up the blog. I love it too much. The videos are just an addition and I plan one one a month
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I am simply delighted with the response to the two videos I have put up so far and intend to do more. It is a lovely way to spend some time - I sit in a chair and pontificate and... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2020 at Random Jottings
Currently watching the Morse series for the first time and Kevin Whately is a wonderful foil for Morse. I loved watching Lewis and also love Lozza Fox and the twitterati are just plain stupid
First up - yes a meet up would be lovely. I wonder where everyone lives and locations. I have so many lovely “friends” on the blog who post such interesting and fun remarks that it is clear we are kindred spirits. Roy Marsden - agree. Martin Shaw was a poor substitute and a dreadful actor IMHO John Thaw - I am currently watching all the Morse series as I never saw them when they first came out as I am not madly keen on JThaw but am now enjoying them as I rather warmed to Thaw after seeing him in Goodnight Mr tom Yes it is the social mores of the time I love which is why I adore Marsh, Christie and Sayers Currently reading a John Bude In the crime series - a bit convoluted but fun
Thank you so much Helen for your kind comments and I am thrilled to bits that you are enjoying Helen’s book. Might I ask if you could do a review on Amazon if it is not too much trouble? I would really appreciate it. Life seems to be slowly getting back to normal thank goodness but it has been a really trying time - as you know Helen is a lecturer at Cambridge and she says so many of the students are so upset and worried about the future. I am currently compiling a list of things to vlog about. It is getting rather long....
I love the FWC and Inspector French is such a NICE man!!
There will be! If you have any topics you would like covered and I can do so, I am not an expert of course, then do let me know.
Not sure that would be a good idea!!!! They are available on Kindle if you wish to try one or two. I have mixed feelings about Heyer’s I will admit
Thank you Mag46! I aim with these videos just to sit and chat as if I was talking to friends. I have already got a list a mile long of authors I wish to talk about. You have been warned...
I agree with your comment on Agatha C, she certainly led me onto adult reading. And, yes, the social history of the time of the Golden Age is so interesting and readers must take into account that certain prejudices and attitudes portrayed are of their time even if now we might find they jar. Oddly enough, John Bude was one of the authors I was not madly keen on and then the last book by him, a double bill, was so much better than the previous ones that I went back to reread and get hold of others I had dismissed. One or two of them I found tedious but others seem to be so much better - I wonder why or is it just me? I am currently reading The Cheltenham Square Murder which I am enjoying. I read the Division Bell mystery but did not care for her style of writing much. With so many varied authors there are bound to be some you like more than others
A comment above agrees with me about Allingham so we all have our likes and dislikes which makes reading life interesting...I adore Alleyn and always have done. Looking back at Crossed Skis there was a whopping great clue in piece of dialogue that I should have spotted but I didnt. Martin Edwards is amazing
I do hope you enjoy them Malvina and do let me know which ones you enjoy most