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Colchester, UK
Interests: opera, listening to music, blogging., reading, writing, going to the proms in the summer
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Anne Bronte was born two hundred years ago. It was her birthday yesterday so I am a tad late but I am sure she would have forgiven me. There is something about the Bronte family that has always fascinated me... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Random Jottings
Keep them coming!
Wow. That IS spooky!
A few years ago my name was given to Mike as somebody who might be interested in the kind of books he publishes, ie - out of print, forgotten or unknown titles that are deserving of a second chance. There... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2020 at Random Jottings
Thanks for your kind words Sherran. I intend to keep going, And there will be plenty of rants, that I can guarantee...
Oh I love to rant!! At the moment I am watching England play cricket in South Africa and gosh that is enough to rant about
I love social history Margaret - love to know how people lived and what they did. Ditto biography. The Moray Dalton are really good Happy new year to you too
I was not expecting the usual Christmas Carol having read the previews, but I did not expect it to be so boring and so tedious and the pace of a sloth. So wordy and lacking in any humanity at all, I daresay it was closer to what Dickens saw but could not write about but I just found it lacking. And rest assured there will be rants...
Reading should always be a pleasure. If it is not then bin the book!
Rose - welcome and I hope you visit again! I have had a huge response both on and off blog re this post all agreeing with me which is heartenint
Thank you all for your good wishes. I can safely say there weill be Rants in 2020!
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2020 on Happy New Year at Random Jottings
When I first started this blog some thirteen years ago now, I had such good intentions. I was going to read Serious Books. Books which were Good for Me by writers who were lauded as being the best. I looked... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2020 at Random Jottings
May the next year be peaceful and happy for all you lovely peeps out there who read this blog and make me feel so happy when I hear from you all. Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2019 at Random Jottings
That is wonderful Jan. I love Trollope and so happy you won these books and have gone on to more
Simple Living is an oxymoron
One of the first things to throw out if I had a copy would be Kondo’s book. Money that is all that is behind it There will be more rants in 2020!!
Erika I love writing my rants and am glad they cheer you up and make you laugh. they always make me feel better! I had a couple of steroid shots in my left knew a year or so ago and boy was it painful so I fully understand. I assume it is arthritis? Now that I have embarked on a weight loss programme and lost a lot my knee is so much better. Mind you, one day of going up and down stairs at my daughter’s house and I can feel it!
Well I did wonder if the person who put this edition together was sloshing back the booze and laughing hysterically as she/he wrote this rubbish but I have a horrid feeing they were sincere. More rants will be coming in 2020. Merry Christmas
I mean can you just imagine the reaction if you suggested it? My two grandchildren have made decorations and cards but that was one wet afternoon and we just sat down and took our time and it was lovely. But Christmas Eve????
Funnily enough Jan you must have sent through waves to me as I thought of you and those books just last week! So glad you have read them. time for a re-read myself I think
I don’t suppose for one moment they do
Do not mention Kirstie to me!! If we all had the time and the inclination yes i suppose we might like to make our own cards, presents etc but most of us cannot and do not want to.
I have another mag rant in the pipeline which I have reedited from a year or so ago but feel best to leave it for the moment! I do love a good rant and I have to say that when something triggers one off the words just flow and I barely have to change a word. But a craft evening on CHRISTMAS EVE???? I MEAN, COME ON!! Whoops left caps on Love Elaine
Joan you have hit the nail on the head. A feature in a paper today about supermarkets selling produce in paper bags to save the planet. Well that is what the greengrocers I went to as a child - I am 72 as well - did. We recycled milk bottle, saved bottle tops, there was no wastage so I get a bit fed up with being lectured by these woke individuals