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Colchester, UK
Interests: opera, listening to music, blogging., reading, writing, going to the proms in the summer
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Fiona B is a bete noire of mine and I freely admit that my irritable reaction to her is irrational. Light the second oven!!! OMG that just about sums it all up
I have not read the Lady for years. May have to give it a go
Womand and WOman's OWn are still going but they are now unrecognisable full of Slebs and awful stories. I used to love reading them each week
I used to take shedloads and my ex always commplained about this. And looking back he was probably right. I spent an awful lot of mags telling me how my home should look, it never did, what to cook, I never did etc etc. Good Housekeeping is now the only mag I read but I am beginning to think I might stop that one as well
I will persevere with Gh as I have read it for so long but not sure how much longer to be honest. I have written you a nice long email
I am pretty sure our library has this service. Also I get magazines through my membership of Amazon Prime and can take my pick so really my magazine expenditure is now practically nil
I seem to have touched a nerve with this Rant of mine as I have had loads of comments on the blog and off blog. Most of the comments I have received have agreed with me, but the ones on... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Random Jottings
Ah but you have to be "mindful" now
I have rather clung to it as I have taken it for so long but of course we can change and then a magazine no longer suits us. I used to be a Cosmopolitan girl but that was a long time ago!
I shall not be renewing my subscription. If I want to be preached to I will go to church,
I doubt you are boring Sue
I do find Megan irritating but I also get the feeling she is totally bewildered by it all and not sure what to do. Listen to advice would be a good thing
I think Gh is trying too hard now and it shows. They also changed editors a year or so ago and that is when I noticed the difference. I have given up on so many other mags. I used to like the Home type magazines but again found they were peopled by couples doing up homes who were called St John and Veronica who bought a run down barn and did it up and you can now rent it on Air BNB. Just pretentious rubbish and so far removed from ordinary life and ordinary folk that it makes one cringe. So all of those were binned. I used to like Home and Antiques but it changed its format a couple of years ago and I have found it to be too pretentious. So perhaps you are right and I should give ALL magazines up! I am SO fed up with hearing about the menopause I really am. If another Sleb appears on tv or in a mag saying how traumatic it was I shall scream.
OK well this rant has certainly triggered off a lot of response both here and on FB and twitter which I was not expecting. I must emphasise that this is a personal rant and I fully expect to be disagreed with and some have. I just feel too much pressure is put on women to be all dancing all singing and high achievers. I believe it was Shirley Conran who said we can have it all (correct me if I am wrong I probably am) but I do not think we can. Something has got to give. And I did watch Strictly tonight in my nightie and dressing gown and had a great evening!! Keep the responses coming I am loving them x
Oh Debbie this made me laugh!! The amount of businesses that started with a moment of inspiration at a kitchen table! I ran my own business, a small catering company, when my children were small and looking back at it all when I was doing it, bringing up children, chairman of a music festival etc et I wonder how I did it. I now feel that I could easily feature in one of these mags because of this. 16 orgasms - yes well.... and have you noticed when a high flyer goes and lived in the country she manages to renovate a house and let it out or make home made chutney or jam or weave baskets and knit things? It drives me MAD. Never any mention of mucking out the pigs
Now if I said you were inspirational you would probably tell me to bog off but you are a prime example of what I mean. Just getting on with it. YOu have my admiration and please do keep in touch on the blog or email me if you wish Good luck to you and keep strong xx
I think I have started something as I have had some responses on twitter ad FB. Not all agreeing with me by a long stretch but a lot do. I have made it clear that this is a personal view and I know others will disagree
Fiona - do tell! I just feel the relentless pressure after reading this month's edition. Perhaps it was a particularly heavy one I don't know but by the time I got to the Sleb on the back page poncing on about her 'simple food' I was at screaming pitch. Yes I rather yearn for the old days of knitting patterns...
I feel so many women are unsung heroes. They are not on tv, they are not in the press, they do not do things that catch the eye, they just get on with it. All these women featured are great, but I have just had enough of reading about them quite frankly. Meghan - ah well. In a way I feel for her. I said when she got engaged to Harry that she was going to find it difficult. Kate did the same when she married William. And of course, being American and living the Hollywood life did not prepare her for what she has faced. When you are a Hollywood star you live in a bubble and only hear good things so I imagine it has all been a shock for her. Part of me feels sorry for her, part of my finds her profoundly irritating.
I have the ghost stories in various baattered editions but having this new one is lovely. I shall be reviewing before the end of October
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I have it ready to go!
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Just to confirm that this is a Rant so ignore if you wish. I have been reading Good Housekeeping for years. Its title is really anachronistic these days but it would be difficult to change the title, much though the... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Random Jottings