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E Mcclung
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Sad that the touted sexual and emotional themes avoid the genuine pathos and realism captured in Nike's Lance Armstrong hospital rehab ads. It is the mechanical that matters, the daily grind, not the singular moments of visual cliche.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2012 on TIFF '12: Rust & Bone at Film Freak Central
I love the tour de Femme picture, they should do that as well as our annual nude bike day. Our local bike store might have some bikes you like as they all wheels for all people, including several unicycles, handcycles, recumbants and uprights. They do the tune ups for my wheelchair and the racing chair and the handcycle. I should rent that again this summer. Adventures on a all terrian handcycle (albiet with minimal brakes, which makes the roads chosen a very important decision).
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2012 on beautiful things at Mouse and Raven
I think with the way the winter and days go, if you didn't run when tired or wet or 'ug' then there wouldn't be any running at all. Good job on doing such long runs, you look ready for a half marathon and then some. I don't know where I heard it but it is certainly true, the hardest distance in running is the distance of things it takes to get out the door.
I agree that confidence is comfortable with being you - but also, yes, the ability to be able to talk to almost any person, find out what they are passionate about and connect to them. The most precious memories are often ones where we have the undivided attention of the person we are talking to, or who is conversing with us - they care, they listen, they talk, they ask questions, they bring us into their world and let us share ours. Linda says it is the belief in another person, and the concern and memory to follow up with them, which can help them see themselves in a new way. I guess I didn't really answer the question but for me, confidence I can show you how to be in 10 minutes, but unless it is used for good, unless it makes you and/or others better people, then what use is it? Here is a hint, for every joke Johnny Carson of Tonight show told, he told it first to 30-100 people around the set, changing the words, the timing, looking to see what worked for the most people, because that was his passion. Passion, combined with refined focus on excellence will build confidence - and the confidence will help refine that excellence.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on Random thoughts on confidence at Mouse and Raven
I am glad your colouring worked - oh, if only you put in some purple or red streaks while the hair was blonde (very amazed at the pro job at getting it blonde without chunks of hair falling out - not like that has happened to me three times or anything). But it is not too late, how about some red tips in the back - it is cool! Pretty reasonable!
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Oct 7, 2010