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Hi All, If a US Senator can call the President of the United States a liar on the floor of of the US Congress why is it such a big deal if one of our lowly Delegates cuss out another?..:) Delegate Isechal is only human too. As musch as anyone he is allowed to lose his cool every now and then....even on the floor of the OEK..Just like said frustrated Senator Wilson above..No?.. ;) Our leadership all is slowly but surely going down the drain..and its our fault not theirs. We the public who voted them in forgot our responsibility as a civic minded community should and make sure they, (the Leadership) stay on course and do what we want..Remember "By the people for the people"? We elect them, put them on pedestals and forgot to point them the direction we want them to stand. So here we are listening to each other gripe about their misdeeds, misteps and misfortunes after the fact. Suffering the consequences and I bet you all one el "tet el buuch" that we'll vote the same people into office again. There are no longer statesmen in our leadership and if there are any, they're a few. Now it's seems its everyone for themseleves. We must look out for ourselves too. So what should be done then? If your a citizen of Palau and are here on island I suggest you rise up and demand that they (these Delegates and senators) begin to do what it is the citizenry wants and needs or feel their wrath. The same goes to you all outside of Palau. Write, email, call or if your of the new tech generation, blog, tweet, or as Conan Call's it My Face your voices so that the leadership in OEK can hear you. Do not be afraid it is your RIGHT to do so. Lak komedakt..Ng lemeltiu el chad er a beluu er a Belau. E tir a ngerchelir el lorenges e meruul a somiu. Be brave its our future at stake.. Kabong kung ma next. Emelk
Commented Sep 26, 2009 on Open Thread LXXVII at okedyulabeluu
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Ungil sils lekor kau e Santy. Ngkmal meral tekoi aikal molekoi.. I concure wholeheartedly your appeal to our OEK members to be open and tolerable to the people and the different views expressed. I have been toiling with the idea of writing an open letter to reiterat the reasons why these people in the OEK were elected and what they're responsibilities are to the people and what they have so far shown, not just the last six months but for the last 8+ years. I never completed it because unlike you I'm a bit too frank in speech and mentallity my words tend to lean towards the harsher accusatory side of things. I have yet to master the Bard like compositions that so eloquently flow out of your mind. Me akora mle bekikl el meluches a kora kmal meringel e meseked el tekoi, leng diak el ngerang. Ngarngii a chomelengmes el bedul a rechad el ngar aikal deruchall mea rechad era buai el kora chetik el tomelii...Endi chelchang eng dikeang me ka mongiil ek lechesii elmo ungil e kudureklii edesall kmo ngmo kelsakel..:) Ngkired el melengmes era deruchall mea rechad el lolab engdi aikal blekeradel el bladues el kora kmal mekngit e diak a ngeral meduung mea lechub eng mekeral kirel a uchul meng sokod lobes a chomelengmes e smuuched el mestirir. It has been discussed in here too..the ignorance that some of our elected officials have shown and the utter silence that the rest of them have towards such abhorring actions its become encumbent on us as the true power in this democracy to cry foul and put aside our respect for the these few people in these offices and speak our minds even in a manner unbecoming of gentlemen. To fight fire with fire. Our hands have been forced. We did not vote them there and give them absolute power over us, nor did we send them there to do whatever they wanted. They have either forgotten how they got there or that this is a democracy, but we haven't. Some of them may not understand what it is to live in a democracy, but we havent. Their voices need not be heard but ours must be. They have come to believe that the power resides with them..a fallacy that has befallen hordes of arrogant elected officials throughout history. Until they realize this and show some sense of humility towards the people they serve we shall have to show them the same. Something has to be said and done..Along with the help of the media to expose such undemocratic and ignorant behaviors being commited by our elected offcials. I would suggest that something be done along with the media and the education dept to form a show, event or a class to teach the public especially the youth their responsibilites and rights in our democracy. I have a feeling that along with the fear of public ridicule some in our democracy do not quite understand their rights and duties in it. thanks for the reminder e kabong e kurech ertail tengami elkmo ngmo kelsakel..;) Emelk
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Islander..Here we are again my good sir. We have talked about this same Nautilus Pipedream of yours forever it seems and here you are again.. Your bound to lose your mind if you keep bumping your head against a wall. It is not going to happen..NO NAUTILUS CITY..NOT IN YOUR LIFE TIME SIR! I must agree though, that to blame JT for the ill's the country is facing is a bit much, but to call our elected officials in our OEK self-serving provocateurs is not going to do you or your Dear Lord Davidson any favors. It is people like you, Jackson Ngiraingas and Davidson that are provocateurs. Your cry for our OEK to change our FIB laws, so that you all can steal our birthrights is so transparent we don't care if the islands economy takes a dive, we will not change our laws to let vultures like you in. " To attract foreign investments we need the Casino Bill approved; we need banking regulations reformed to enable foreign banks to hold land as collateral. Palau’s foreign Investment Act must allow for foreign companies to partake in businesses that are currently only lawful to Palauan owned companies. This is the way forward for our future to become a golden age. We must not be afraid of foreign investors we must embrace them as partners." by Islander That one paragraphed quote of yours alone shows how it is you see Palau..You dont care the what these things will do. All you see is the money they might bring and nothing else.. Trying to hide your motives by wrapping it up as an economic stimulator or our only way forward only shows you to be a provocateur of the first order. A money hungry shyster. Your willing to sell anything for a buck..yours or not you dont care. Make it easy for any foreigners to come in and rape the land and the people..that's okay with you as long as there's money. Your a sad excuse.... You have slowly but surely made it tougher on yourselves. You, JNgiraingas and Davidson have enraged and increased the support for the OEK to make sure that the President and JNgiraingas do not change our FIB Laws or have the final say on FIB matters. Desperate people like you and JN will take desperate measures...we on the other hand will move forward slowly with our eyes wide open to assure our future generations a Palau we are proud of and at peace. Not in ruins and in pieces as you and your cohorts will surely bring. These grandiose dreams of NC and or Casino's will never see the light of day because of your arrogance and ignorance. So give it up. Emelk
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Hi all.. Well said all..and I agree it is a wise and a timely idea for the President to propose a quota on foreigners entering Palau. It's about time too..Here a lot of people got their "Usakers" and "Cheritir" all bunched up because of some 17 Chinese Uighers while there are 6,000 foreigners already in Palau..Its time to address those in country el already tetmut a tul a Chedil Belau dry as opposed to those that may or may not come. I think e Ungil chum the "security" the President was alluding to was that of our island being overrun with that of CNMI with more foreigners then the local yokels.. :) It's both an economic and identity security that the President is talking I see it. With out such a quota as proposed by the President the Palauan populace can be replaced in 2 to 3 decades time. We will be outbred into oblivion that 40 years from now if there is no such laws there will certainly be no pure blooded Palauans left on the I see it again. I do however agree that along with this Quota being proposed the President and or the Congress follow through and add to it the importance of those in charge of implementing and protecting our immigration laws, tax laws etc to be diligent in their work. I know we recently had a setback with some corruption charges being directed at some of our immigration officials,,but I do trust that there are still honest and hard working Palauan's on island. To limit the number of foreigners we let in is a start and I am sure the President and his administration will surely look at the numbers and other ideas regarding the quality of those seeking to enter Palau. If he doesnt we can voice our opines to the OEK to make sure that our wishes for quality workers, the numbers limited and other immigration laws are added. Komesulang Emelk
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