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If we all pull together, the sum of us is stronger than our parts.
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Rick Schwartz himself regularly posts about his hand regs or reasonable finds, such as SmartGlasses, so he isn't a poster boy against hand regs . . . rather, the reverse. He says there are some good deals out there. The point is assessing a domain correctly. When I encouraged him to purchase laptoptablethybrid, or one of those tablet hybrid, he said the niche is too small for him. When I asked him if a business could be developed on, he said it is possible. Thanx, HybridDomainer, for the find! For what it is worth, I never cruise Namepros, except the mobile wallet thread, so point out an interesting discussion anytime!
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2013 on Domaining Schism at Hybrid Domainer
Great article! Except, I could have done without the call girl/corner girl bit. Other than that, fantastic!
Great positive energy, @RickSchwartz! Keep it up! Louise
The volume of data collection on the Web has surged 400 percent, from an average of 10 collections a page in 2011 to 50 a page this year according to You for Sale - Your Online Attention, Bought in an Instant, NYTimes
Wow! That's a lot of eyeballs over little me puttering around on the web!
The conference seems to be a success, but maybe not the auction. Thanx for posting some recap of it, because you're the only blogger on which posted a recap so far!
Usually I read the comments, but I want to say, Outstanding article that educates us how to fish, instead of giving us fish, as you expressed one time on theDomains comments, when I demanded, "Help us." Nice article. It's been on my mind lately, too, as I pitched a COO via email a cool domain that had a whole game changing concept that would marry with the company's current business model, with a time limit of September 21st. It wasn't inspired by this particular post, because I already sent it off, but your words confirm what I was thinking to the point - what do you think about this? This domain is so good, the concept that the domain describes is so ground-breaking, I think I want to toss a copyright symbol onto the pitch! I think I should copyright the pitch. What do you think?
At its core, Apple believes, "People with passion can change the world for the better . . . Those people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that get out there and do it." - That could be you, Owen, MHB, Stephen, Francois . . . I take the good parts as inspiration . . . Enjoy! :)
@ Owen said: "Mike recently covered Flicker vs Flickr when the right spelling had a counter of the traffic loss . . . It's confusion that causes traffic loss." @ Rick said: "There are a number of non .com domain extensions that can be promoted and have great value." This is a good discussion. [This is what's it's about! :)] On that topic, this knownothing - it's okay if you view me as a knownothing! :) - thought at the time you put up for auction, that it might have had a future after all, and you could still recover your investment, and posted that in comments. Now that 1800Flowers won Best Retail Mobile Shopping Site by the Mobile Shopping Summit, I feel like it was an opportunity missed, but only because of the stellar job you and your partners did with - enjoy that site! What I said in comments is that .mobi might have a 2nd wind as an extension, with the rise of smartphones. For sure, when you type, "mobile tech," into Google without quotes, what domain with what extension appears position 1?
Dot com is king in the US; elsewhere the ccTLD is big - national pride dictates! Also, dot tv is recognized somewhat as a global extension. I appreciate your insights!
@ Rick said, "They shelved a $750,000 domain for a reason." CNN didn't shelve it. is a clever reinforcement of the CNN brand which still utilizes the domain you sold,, well. Therefore, subdomains may be the future, and the brand dot com will still supply an avenue to access the product. The ideal would be to register the dot com either way. Thanx for highlighting this. P.S. CNN got it right by registering their brand in the dot tv extension.
You like writing; you like sharing, so why should you quit? I guess you're not going to quit, but as the titles suggests, it's your last REGULAR post. You'll post as you get the inclination - that's nice!
@ Rick said: "I just hope folks jump on it earlier and take 6 months to advertise and get the info out." It sounds like a plan. It makes sense. The ideal would be to close submissions six months ahead, and encourage participants to focus on marketing. No last minute entries which benefit from the grunt work of people who put in hours enticing end users. How is that fair? It would entail RESTRAINT on the part of the auction organziers, to turn away submissions after the six-month cut-off. No last-minute multi-million dollar reserve names.
Look forward to see what happens with,,, and the rest dot tvs on Wednesday - thanx for sharing the live auction! :)
Don King made an interesting analogy between the early days of cable tv, which he helped get off the ground with his boxing shows, and the skinflint tiny percentage Google/Yahoo pays to domainers for bringing traffic. He said he was paid a pittance, and the answer is to develop one's own distrubution channels, and contact advertisers directly. Plus, it was a moment of high-charged drama when Dr. Chris Hartnett said, "he knows who the thief is and startled the crowd by telling them that person was in the conference room" about his domain theft incident, during the Emergency Security Session, featuring famous Albert Angel - I would have liked to be there! Ron Jackson does a nice recap.
@ Rick, Would you address what made you change your mind on the sponsors? I thought this would be the first-ever sponsor-free domainer event.
@ LS Morgan, Would 10-20-second videos represent? Here is Ron Jackson's excellent recap of TRAFFIC 2010: It's one of the two major domainer get-together parties. In February it's on the west coast, in October it's on the east coast. It is said, many deals get done and visiting and partying outside the scheduled events.
@ LS Morgan, Look! A nice collage of photos from venue:
@ Rick said: " And to show you how much confidence I have in the outcome, the next session following the auction is “Meeting of the Chiefs” and the #1 subject will be the auction, the results, the good, the bad, the ugly." THAT would be stupendous to watch live, whatever the outcome. You're going to broadcast the auction live, how about the analysis? It would remove the elitism veneer.
Sorry to hear that! I read it here first. :(
I emailed to notify them of the auction item, including a screenshot. In fact, I took 3 screenshots total, ones from Domaining, too, where I noticed the auction item 10 minutes before close. Because I send missives to the NTIA, and this is what gd is about! So I have more documentation to prove the crook it is! GD bought NoDaddy to bury the evidence, but it can't cover its activity forever.
Congrats. Woudn't it be great to own I wonder what that is worth.
If Rick had it, he'd probably already be making $$ off it, but I have to find the template that would be right to develop a slew of my sites . . .
One domain inspired by Rick Schwartz I registered is: Not because I want the cloud to fail - I want it to succedd and technology move forward. But large companies are taxing infrastructure resources that they avoid paying for by moving their profits to the Caymans, so that when these fail, it will affect the cloud.