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It looks like McClintock is on the popular side on this issue. Around 75% in a recently released poll want the feds to back off Medipot states. Gregory Actually you weren't necessarily one of the NIMBY Libertarians I was referring to but you're lack of concern for Federal intervention of states rights in this issue is well documented so why not.
Ryan Of course there are limits. They require search warrants. What Nevada County is proposing is the ability to enter and search your property without a warrant because it is not a criminal matter but instead an ordinance. In other words it seems they advocate that you would need to be served a warrant if you're property was to be searched for a burglary but no one if they enter because of a failed sniff test. I'd appreciate any insight into this since it is my supposition based on sitting through both hearings at the supes. Also, I also dislike the Proposition process but it does exist and should be a mandate that the Legislature enact legislation respecting the will of the people. Oddly the odor or Marijuana is a manifestation of free enterprise since Marijuana with a strong odor is more valuable because it is an indication of quality. Free enterprise is so messy. Mikey Do we need to return to the discussion of a Pig ranch in a suburban neighborhood to determine a Libertarian position on the limits of property rights that may be infringing on neighbors? Also, were there actually incidents of Pot Pirates in your neighborhood and are there any examples of invasions on your personal property by those involved with MJ farming?
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May 15, 2012