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Jenny Allan Pardon, my mistake on the Royal Commission in the UK. We should ALL encourage Pepys at UCL to do the investigation. Again - having such a grotesquely conflicted group 'beating a dead horse' of this vaccines and autism thing can only help. They will put on their blinders, wade through the crap and fashion it into a nice clear endorsement of MMR Safety one again thoroughly bashing Wakefield. But the chances are, one person will choose to break ranks. In the main, they are not lying weasels just medical people with blinders on. They are understandably afraid what they know to be true isn't - and their profession has made a big mistake inflicting harm. That's very scary. So encourage the UCL investigation. But get the Parliamentary Inquiry done. If Science & Technology is not the best arm of the UK government, lets' find out which one is. Ironically, our best partners are our 'enemies'. Bill Gates says anyone who advocates prudence, anyone questioning the safety of vaccines is a baby killer. The UK government has a responsibility then to stop the baby killing. The government - not an industry panel or media outlet or 'scientific' publication or journalist - has the responsibility to get to the bottom of this. Their primary mandate is health and safety of their people. So let's join hands with the bashers and demand they raise the quality of the investigation. Of course, 'they' want to simply, thoroughly and irrevocably quash dissent. Good. 'Stop the Baby Killers! Demand a Parliamentary Inquiry' We could get T-Shirts made and sell them on those goofy blogs. I guarantee you they'll not be able to maneuver their gigantic meandering pile of poop through a genuine government investigation. Parliamentary Inquiry
Glax Britannicus Agreed. And don't misunderstand me - John Stone is a champion - as we all know. My point is, there are so many untruths spread across so many channels it doesn't matter one whit how foolish Godlee or the BMJ looks to those in these AoA pages. The sh..t is out of the horse and there is no way to get it back in. One exception ... a Royal Commission could.
Who Cares? Who cares what plays out on the pages of the BMJ. If she comes out and apologizes ... who cares? It will never be covered in the Media and never overcome the massive media fraud. What, then a GMC apology is forthcoming? Let's get real, are we really satisfied with crumbs? Godlee wants a "Parliamentary Inquiry" Let's give her a "Royal Commission" It's one thing to pull this scammery at an industry party like the pretend investigation of the GMC. It's a whole other to perjure yourself at a Royal Commission. Liars there go to jail. Demand a "Royal Commission" It's the answer.
Dear John Stone, This is absolutely Great News. Let's campaign for a Royal Commission. This is what we have been waiting for as it is the perfect vehicle to sift through the unprecedented load of crap foisted upon a trusting public by the GMC. In fact, it is the only answer to counter the media massacre we have all been forced to sit through. And I'm frankly shocked no one has yet taken up the mantle. This is our big chance, let's make the most of it.
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Nov 17, 2011