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Eric Garcia
The Hinterlands of Los Angeles
Novelist, Screenwriter, Bon Vivant
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Oooh, thanks for the recommend. I'll check 'em out. That said, I can't imagine anything being funnier than PEEP SHOW -- after Mark's recommendation, I burned through every episode of every series in about 3 weeks' time. Hits my dark-funny-bone in pretty much every spot... but I'm excited to give Black Books and Green Wing a shot, too!
Well, I guess it depends on the 3-year-old. Does she have a strong stomach and/or darkly comic disposition? I heard someone fainted at the recent UK press screening -- but that was an adult... Yeah, probably best not to take the 3-year-old to see the film. But I'm sure she'd love to hear you read her the book. It makes for a perfect bedtime story. And I'd love to get the UK one of these days, as I've been saying for quite some time now... but there's that whole volcanic ash thing, so there goes the next decade or so.
Hey Surfer Jay -- I missed y'all, too. It's a long story, but in short: it was a family thing. I'd love to try and re-schedule something; I'm just getting into it now. And I'll make sure to announce it way ahead of time to give everyone a chance to come check it out. As usual, I'll do my song-and-dance routine... well, song at least. Dancing might be best left at home...
It's all finally winding down -- movie-wise, at least, until the DVD release in a few months -- as REPO MEN gets released worldwide, rolling out across Russia, the Middle East, and then the U.K. this last weekend. Heading to Asia at some point, though I have no idea when... But thanks to all who saw the film, bought the book, watched the motion-comics, listened to my rants, and wrote so many nice emails -- it's always, always appreciated, and I'm glad y'all dug the work. So it's onwards, then, to the next project, and I hope to have some... Continue reading
@Grannonelf -- don't know if Harper's afraid of tech or just really behind the curve. It's funny, I'm just now dealing -w- ebooks on my other books as well, some of which have Kindle/Nook/Whatever editions in place, some don't. The publishers are just coming 'round to this newfangled Interweb thing. As for the film, not doing great at the box office, but perhaps that's just the nature of it. In any case, I'm glad you loved it, 'cause I love it, too -- and the fact that you were laughing is *exactly* the reaction we want, and perhaps where we encounter some resistance. Dark comedy and satire is always the hardest to get through to a mainstream audience -- and yet that's where I always live. Wouldn't have it any other way, tho. Please let me know once you've read the book, and if you enjoy the other Rex books, as well! @ DannoMack -- thanks to you, as well, and also glad you dug the film. The ending, for me, is genius in the way Miguel filmed and cut it -- it's exactly how we'd always envisioned and then some. The funny thing is, it's that ending which seemed to take the biggest brunt of the bad reviews -- which is beyond me. People seemed very concerned with the mixing of sex and violence, but seemed to miss the message and satire behind it. Obviously they just didn't get it, and that's okay -- takes all types. As for the book, the ending is actually quite, quite different, and I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts, here or via email, as to how it worked for you. Keep up with whatever you're writing -- just put in the time, day after day after day, and it'll come. I always find that reading and watching other things I love spur me on and put me in a positive mood, creatively, and I'm glad that I could provide that for you, too!
Thanks, Joanne (and by the way, I not only often forget to sign posts -- half the time I've forgotten what I've started typing by the time I've reached the end), and I'm so glad you liked the book. Very curious to hear your thoughts on the film, as well. Happy to have the website here, and I do plan on keeping it up at least a weeeee bit better than last time. The blog format helps that a lot. Yay technological advancements!
First: Glad you loved the film -- always great to hear. Second: Doubly glad you wanted to buy the book. It's both very similar and very different and the only way for that to make sense is to experience it yourself. Third: Aaaagh. Don't even get me started on the e-book thing. I love e-books, I believe DEEPLY in e-books, I think if publishing is going to survive, that's the way it's going to happen. I'm a tech geek who has to fight my own impulse to be an early adopter to absolutely everything -- And they just haven't gotten them right yet. Case in point, that pricing issue. That's ridiculous. I didn't even know that 'til you pointed it out. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE TO CUT DOWN TREES, FOR GOD'S SAKE. Or hire lumberjacks. Let alone printers, shippers, rent on store, etc. etc. Did I say Aaargh? So, in short: Couldn't agree with you more. And I wish I had any control over it whatsoever, but I've learned, over the last 10 years, that my control extends from the first page of text to the last and that's about it. Hey, at least it's better than the percentage of control a screenwriter gets...
So on request from a fan (thanks, Emily!) I've decided to upload THE TELLTALE PANCREAS, the original short story that led to The Repossession Mambo novel and eventually to Repo Men the film. Up 'til now, it had only been seen by a small group of people -- my agents, SFX guru and director Bob Kurtzman (hi, Bob!), a bunch of friends, and some editors at a few magazines who rejected it, damn them. Please keep in mind it was written just a couple years after I got out of college -- I was but a babe of 25 --... Continue reading
One of these days -- well, probably in a couple weeks -- I'll stop babbling about REPO MEN and choose a new topic, but for now, Repo's on the menu. To wit, we just released the first motion comic meant to introduce you to the world of the film, and to our main character, played by Jude Law. Jude reprises his role from the film here in the motion comic, which was directed by Miguel, and co-written by yours truly. As with the film itself, it's R-rated, so please, kids, cover your eyes at the naughty bits. Check it out... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
Loved speaking -w- you, as you know; I'm always up for interviews where we can mostly just blab for a while instead of having to stick on track and Only Speak Of The Work, which can get quite boring indeed. Hooray for tangents! Fantastic interviews with the runners -- obviously they're coming at this all from a different place than I am, but it's amazing to see how the world's extended beyond the film, and even, in a way, beyond the game itself. It's the kind of thing we writers live for -- you create a world, and then it gets bigger, quite without your assistance. As for who it was more fun talking to, I'll allow you to keep up the kind charade that they may have run a close second. I mean, they do sound great and all, but...
So FANGORIA, one of the few true-genre magazines left (I will always miss you, STARLOG), has a nice interview piece with me about REPO MEN for which they've just posted the first half. Those of you who have read the essay in the back of the novel or read other interviews with me may not get a ton of new information, but if you're curious, or don't already know the history of the project, or just want to see some nice pictures of Jude, Forest, and the film, you can check it out by clicking HERE... Continue reading
Miguel's cut of his own redband trailer has just been put out by Universal, and it's my favorite so far, hands-down. Mig's always had an AMAZING sense of music in film -- wait'll you see what he does in the actual movie with 'source' clips -- and this trailer is a perfect example. Warning: This one's a bit bloody. I know, they all are, but redband is redband for a reason. Continue reading
But that's the most mesmerizing part!!! Back and forth - back and forth - you can't look away - but you can't keep watching - back and forth...
Dear Ashley, Thanks so much for your comment! It's actually kind of exciting to get the first little bit of Repo! The Genetic Opera hate mail. Or is it Hate Comment? Not sure which. Sorry you feel this way, Ashley, but if you did read the book, let me also say hey, thanks for buying and reading it. Always appreciated. I understand you love Repo! The Genetic Opera, and that's awesome. I understand you must feel a very deep connection to it, indeed, to spend as much time and energy on it as you do. As filmmakers, Darren and Terrence and Darren (who I've recently met with by the way and think are good guys -- ask 'em about when we all got together) are blessed to have fans like you. I do think it's too bad you've decided to hate me/our film/Uni/whoever without knowing, well, pretty much any of the facts, or caring that I'm a novelist who's put his heart and soul into his profession for over a decade, especially considering we obviously all found the same concept exciting/interesting and are probably way more similar than different. But you can feel free to pursue said facts online if you're so inclined. If not, I get it. If you change your mind, I'd love to chat. If not, great; nothing that happens here can change your enjoyment of Repo! The Genetic Opera, and that's the beauty of it. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the release of my book and my film, and perhaps in the future we'll see eye to eye.
More eye-catching goodness from the marketing folks at Uni. I love that they're catching onto the sardonic nature of the film... Continue reading
Wow -- hi, Lee! A blast from the past, an old friend from the Anonymous Rex days. Thanks for dropping by, and I promise (well, I hope strongly) to stick around a little more this time...
For your viewing (and possibly obsessing) pleasure, presented below is the video for "Zef Side/Beat Boy" from the Afrikaaner hiphop/rap/something group Die Antwoord (rated R for language, kiddies). Those of you who know me well know this is certainly NOT up my usual alley -- I'm not the hiphop kinda guy, but I'm fascinated by Die Antwoord. I won't go into all the specifics about who/why/what they are; best to just watch it clean, as I and the rest of the internet did a week ago when it all blew up. I originally found them via Boingboing, and you can... Continue reading
They do, really! They want to help. They swear it. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself: Continue reading
Love what they've done with these new posters, to be used as "wild postings" to publicize/market Repo Men. Not only do the colors pop so nicely against the B&W background, but they both give an indication of what the film is about without really giving anything away, and -- most importantly, I think -- convey the dark-humor nature of the film in general. I love 'em. Kudos, Universal Marketing Department! Continue reading
Pretty cool, yeah. I did an interview -w- Mr. Beaks over at aintitcoolnews the other day which talks about the REPO MEN book (and the title change), the movie, and the "controversy", to the degree that there is one. Lots of fun, and I think it went pretty well. Check it out if you've got a couple minutes... Warning to those under 18: I use some naughty words. Adults are allowed to do that now and again. Repeatedly. Without guilt. Mainly. Continue reading
Just got this press release from my editor -- nice news on a Sunday morning, especially since Philip K. Dick is one of my literary idols: Philip K. Dick Award Nominees 2009 2009 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees Announced The judges of the 2009 Philip K. Dick Award and the Philadelphia SF Society, along with the Philip K. Dick Trust, are pleased to announce seven nominated works that comprise the final ballot for the award: BITTER ANGELS by C. L. Anderson (Ballantine Books/Spectra) THE PRISONER by Carlos J. Cortes (Ballantine Books/Spectra) THE REPOSSESSION MAMBO by Eric Garcia (Harper) THE DEVIL’S... Continue reading
I just put it in my Netflix queue. So it's Mitchell and Webb but in a narrative? Those guys are brilliant; I'll watch anything they do. On similar British comedy front, ever watch THE IT CROWD? I love that one, too.