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I actually prefer the parentheses because they separate the publication information. I'm a rare books curator, and in cataloging we generally use the parentheses. Sometimes, especially with manuscripts and early printed books, the publication (or production, for mss) information is sketchy. It helps to have a special little cubby in which to put everything one can find. I must admit that I usually use that form in bibliographies, perhaps because I've been using it in cataloging for so long. I am filling out Ph.D. applications right now, though, and am updating my publications list with the proper format. Thanks for answering my inquiry, Carol. Happy New Year!
I'm confused about why parentheses are used to enclose publication information in notes and not in the bibliography. I understand the alphabetizing difference. That makes total sense to me. But such a major change in format between a note and a bibliographic entry seems unnecessary. Can you explain why this is the convention?
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Dec 29, 2010