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Hollee, thank you so so much!!!! I had to reread the transcript myself because there was so much great information and wonderful stories and insights yesterday that I wanted to really absorb all that was said. I cant wait to get to do a Talk with you!!! When youre ready, were there!!!
I know, Jennifer, it is such a depressing topic. I liked the approach of NWF of saying if we document whats going on around us, in our lives, thats having an impact, more people might care about actually doing something to stop climate change. One can hope anyways!
Liz, you ROCK!!! Girlfriend, they don't get any better than you. Wow, and who knew that shade trees could bring down my A/C bill by 40%?!? The mayor of my town is getting an email from me NOW. Thanks for your wonderful post!!!!
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Danielle, it was so great to meet you too!! After all your hard work on behalf of the #NWFMoms especially!
Leighann, AND a poison ivy rash sticks around for one to four weeks. If it catches on fire (in a campfire, say) you can get a rash from the smoke. I love leaves of three, let it be!
Liz, you are the BEST!!!!!!!! I love love love your post (and am feeling all itchy too!)!!! Thank you for all the love. Im sending it ALL right back to you, wonderful friend!
Awww, Cooper, so nice! The whole day was such an incredible experience, wasnt it?! Wild and indelible.
Liz, you ROCK, girlfriend!!! xoxo
Hi Ericka, Thanks for your enthusiastic comment! So looking forward to seeing you in TheMotherhood too!!
BeachMama, I had the same phone in a bag! And back then, the technology was so new it was practically unheard of to talk while driving - unless you were a studio exec driving on LA freeways. Ancient history, I know.
BeachMama, Im on your team, through and through!!!!
BeachMama, Oh, I will be the first to get all mushy and emotional!! I am so excited to see you and am thrilled you have such clever girlfriends!!!! We are going to have such a BLAST!
Jenjen, consider me your personal tour guide! It is new on the outside, but all the goodness layered into the conversations over the years is there, and I hope hope hope you'll feel right at home!!!! You are such a HUGE part of the community. And it's spring - time for our Zen Walks!!
I love hearing that. Ultimately, it's what we're all hoping for by getting outdoors more with our kids, isn't it? Time together that feels special and memorable and reflective and fun. I love working with you on this and your posts are so inspiring. My Be Out There Challenge is happening the week of April 17th because my daughter wants her birthday to be a part of it, and now I can't wait. We're excited about the big reveal too. drumroll....
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Apr 5, 2010
I have LOVED following your outdoor adventures this week!!!!!!! What troopers you are! And soooo glad to see the sunshine for you!!! You are a rockin NWF Be Out There Mama!!!
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BeachMama, you were there in the early days too! I have such fond memories of our all conversations over the years!!!! Thank you so much for your nice words and for being such a good friend!!! And yes, we'll see each other at BlogHer - I'm so PSYCHED you're going to be there too!!!!!!!! We must hang out together!