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Well, Well, Well, it doesnt surprise me. As I said before, it amazes me how all cameroonians who share in the pot of blood in etoudi always reason like pigs in a desert. Where is your mentallity? Mr Minister, are you actually a reasoning human being? oh, am I violating the sereignity of Cameroon by saying this? well, if you dont know, the patriotic cameroonians are those like us who are sweating here in the sun everyday trying to make a living for ourselves and make our country a better place, but pigs like you bring your dirt and try to soil us up. Every patriotic cameroonian definitely found no problems with the comments of the foreigners or whatever. Some of us did not even go to the polls because we saw your corruption machinery in place. Then you stand here talking this nonsense. And what are you trying to preach to the journalists? that you have to be partial in covering a story? you see? you just told us that you are no journalist yourself. you and your godfather in etoudi made that fake dossier showing that you were trained as a journalist. Shame on you. That is the same situation with my aunt who was promoted minister, but we all in the family know she never went to school, and on tv, they say she has PhD's in some stupid languages. The truth must always be known you know. And no matter what your strategy is, know this is how the future of cameroon is: "The patriotic cameroonians have been silent and living with all this nonsense since 1992. Now you all think they are just silent people, but mark you, they will make their presence felt when your godfather will finally officially make his claim to exted the mendate. That is when you will see that there are actually Cameroonians who are patriotic and have had enough of people like you". God bless you as richly as you deserve. God bless Cameroon God Bless Africa
Finally, we have an ex minister coming out to the media. I will first of all like to join Mr. Agbor in congratulating Mr. JB Ndeh for coming out here. Now at least we are happy that there is an ex government representative who can see that we the true sons and daughters of the cradle of our fathers are not sleeping. I really appreciate the fact that you (JB Ndeh) is a member of post online, and I hope you can have time to come here really often and read what reasoning and thinking Cameroonians have to say(what am I even talking about? I bet you dont lack time because all you do is sit in your office and feed on the pensions and taxes of our suffering fathers). Anyway, as I was saying, please, don't just post comments, also take time to read our own comments especially those reacting to your comments like this one. Get involved. You know, maybe you actually do not even need to write any comments, because, there is one thing that amazes me in Cameroon; all of you especially the anglophones in government talk the same. You act like you have no conciences, like you dont reason, infact, sometimes I wonder if part of the minister installation ceremony is actually a neurological process to cut of some of the nerve wiring in you brains that make you to reason like sheep. Any normal human being in your place will have realized his mistakes and actually be a prodigal son who has sinned against his father (our cameroonian ancestors whose bloods were shed so that we can be free), and would be seeking for forgiveness now, but, due to that neurological break down, you lost all your senses. Well, welcome here, and as supporting what Agbor said, this web media is where there are a lot of reasoning Cameroonians, so we hope you would learn a good lesson here. I will let you know one thing too, most of us also are Cameroonian youths, and it is good we show you guys (our fathers) that we love our country, and we are thinking about how we can better our country. And the african culture holds that a kid should learn from the father. JB Ndeh, do not be surprised with that. Some of us are merely agemates of your kids, so you should consider it a big disgrace to you that your own kids have despised your ways and are thinking like real Cameroonian blessed youths, trying to see that we have a better future. So please, stop wasting your time trying to convince us to keep putting money in your pockets by voting your godfather in etoudi (he really is not even your godfather.. a godfather will not disgrace his son be firing him out of the ministry in less than 3 years.. what a shame). I have been to the Northwest before, and just getting from new layout to nkwen was hell. It took almost 2 hrs because of the bad road infront of the market. That is the road leading to a minister of transport's residence. Yes. Not even tarred. Pot holes everywhere, cars sinking in it, and yet you want us young cameroonians to keep voting you in office? Oh yes, we definitely will in your dreams. You and your people do not care about cameroonians at all, so do not even try to say that "better ambition" nonsense here. If you wanted better ambitions, why did you not solicit for funds just for that road leading to nkwen from station? Instead of doing that, you rather moved and built in your villa in station, so your mercedez and land cruiser does not enter the mud on your way home, or on your way to commercial avenue or on your way to church. Wait a minute, did I just say church? Oh yes. Church. Man, you really have got some nerve. Despite all this stuff, you feel okay to sit infront of ntamulung and give 50000frs as thanksgiving to God our creator. Que dieu te benit. Actually, going back to that road leading to nkwen, was there actually some government funds allocated to that road? because to me, it looks like that is what you and your complice "ministres sans portfolio" use in building your mansions, buying your big cars, and sending your kids abroad every vacation, while we the true sons and daughters of the fatherland suffer everyday. Thank you very much Mr. JB NDEH, and thanks for your proposal for "Cameroun des grand ambition". You have showed us a clear example of what "Le prince D'etudie" means by "grand ambition". Instead of fixing a road that you and also the citizens will enjoy, you rather build your villa somewhere else and enjoy your life. Young healthy cameroonians, educated enough are out on the streets en chomage, suffering and crying for jobs, while you and your fellow brothers from chantier naval sit on all these jobs and promise us these jobs only if we deep our hands in a pool of blood by voting for your party. Fooling young cameroonians everyday with your blood money to vote for your godfather, so that you can get some more money to keep building your villas and sending your kids abroad to be feeding on burgers, while some of us here manage termites for lunch. Well, good luck with that. Keep eating the burgars, but mind you, those things make you fat and fat, and some day they will explode on you. That will be the day you will see that you have sinned badly against our fore fathers who fought so hard against colonialist so that we can enjoy Cameroon and Africa to its foolest, but today, we are still suffering because of people like you. The same situation in Cameroon happens in many other African countries, and so, you have complices not only in Cameroon. And if you do not know, this, well, know now. Every son and daughter of Africa, in the world of spirits will have to answer a question infront of a judgement table of all our forefathers who died trying to make us a free and happy people. This table will involve the Nkwame Nkruma, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Alex Moumie, Thomas Sankara, Reuben UmNyobe, Patrice Lumumba, to name a few. And on that day, each of us will be asked what we did to what they died for. Hope you and all those who keep trying to sell us out to the devil are preparing your answers for that day. Before I leave, I want to remind you that me and my fellow youths of Cameroon are ashamed of you and you should think about that. God Bless Cameroon God Bless Africa.
My fellow Cameroonians, I greet you. I understand we all have different political views, and we will definitely have criticisms and arguments, but it really is irrelevant arguing about some stuff. Why are you making it a big deal that Fru Ndi said 1 person caused an earthquake in parliament? He even gave the example of who he is talking about. So he has proven that one person can do that, and it is rather stupid saying one person cant because you already know one who did. Except you think this person didnt do this by himself. there really is more stuff to criticize rather than facts backed by clear examples.
Brothers, brothers brothers. I totally respect all your opinions, but it is better to have information before you talk. Fru Ndi has been re elected in very transparent democratic elections in the SDF party. Fru Ndi even gave the SDF millitants the opportunity to vote for who they want to run for the 2004 presidential elections. They voted him first, Ben Muna second, and third person from Douala. Looking at Ben Muna today, the party can say they are lucky they didnt make the mistake of voting him first. In addition, Fru Ndi's term as chairman is almost done, and some members of the party are already considering going in for elections as chairman. So there is no need throwing accusations if you have no information. Que Dieu benit notre patrie.
Good move by the SDF. You deserve some credit for this. Any move that leads to better democracy in the country deserves one.
No, Legimah Doh, that is not a solution to the problem. During the US civil rights movements, you never heard any black person praising the white man for forcing Rosa Parks off her seat on the bus, thereby educating her that she is not one of them. Today, eventhough huge traces of racism still exist in the US, it is true that blacks have come really far, and integration is in its 80's of percentiles, which is not bad. I would expect any educated Cameroonian/African to agree with the view that there is no reason why this man cannot be mayor of this community. We are not different Legimah Doh, our colonial masters made some of our parents think they are different, and even today they are trying as much as possible to pass that idea to oncoming generations, but I am happy the opposite is happening as there is most integreations now between the english and french cameroon youths, and it is pretty much some of our parents who do this dirty politics who are passing the wrong message that we are different. Now I really dont know whether you are more of the old generation cameroonian, or the youths of today, but I fall in the youth group, and I more than pray for the day Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba dreamed of..... et ce jour la.....The ultimate solution to Cameroon's problem is a hundred percent integration, and that is what our rulers are not doing. We the present generations have to make this place a better place for us and the next generations of Cameroonians, so we really would not welcome people who have fallen in the colonial master's trap to make us view ourselves as different. Thanks Que Dieu bénit notre patrie
wow. It really is amazing what this article is talking about. I am proud to be a southern cameroonian and also proud to be a cameroonian, and more to it, proud to be an african. Our history faced so much opression from the white man and the white man succeeded to divide us. one of the biggest tools was teaching us different languages. This is similar to the old testament story where these people were building a tower trying to get to heaven, and the only thing God did was make them speak different languages. Just that broke down the whole tower. Similar to Africa. I am not saying the white man is God, but I am saying its time we start realising this tool and start bringing ourselves back together. I am not a fan of the oppression southern cameroonians have gotten from la Republique either. But we must accept that all this nonsense has its roots in our colonial masters (or UN if thats the modern day name). That is why if we forsee something like rwandan genocide, they would be having a toast to that because that is good acheivement for them, afterall, while we are busy fighting, they will quietly come in and suck up all our wealth and natural resources and all the blessings we had from God on our blessed Africa/Cameroon/La Republique/Southern Cameroon. Therefore, we shouldnt think they care so much about us that they wont want another Rwanda. I bet they are even angry now that no matter how much they have tried to divide Africa based on language, one country still stands firm and has never been in any wars of the sort. Let us keep making them bite their tongues by seeing ourselves as brothers and sisters and work forward to unite ourselves and eventually unite all of Africa. I dont care whether you are from La Republique or Southern Cameroon or just a regular cameroonian like me, but the fact is , you are African, and we should keep getting ourselves united bit by bit. Some of our brothers are brainwashed everyday and thats why they tend to oppress their own brothers, but it is true that times are changing, and the truth of the whiteman's presence in africa is unveilling to our generation. SCNC or not, La Repulique or not, we have to build Cameroon and africa as a whole, and as I said before, if we tend to violence, we would be killing ourselves and giving reason for a toast abroad. God Bless the Motherland.