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There's a pack of such cards by Roger von Oech, whose book A Whack on the Side of the Head gets recommended by MtG Head Designer, Mark Rosewater. Now available as an iOS app, I see!
@Tadhg - Chu Chu Rocket is best enjoyed with four players and feels a bit like multiplayer Bomberman only manipulating crazed Lemmings. Think you may want a different example for an atemporal game. @Sorrell - I disagree, except perhaps if you are a sole creator. Terms like "loop" are essential for discussing how a player experiences a game and I need these terms to communicate a design upon which several team members are working. Essential for feeding-back effectively, too. Taxonomies are also useful eg. Bartle's Explorer / Killer / Socialiser / Achiever types which helps me to remember to cater for different audiences.
To follow-on from Deftangel's comment and to air some of my thoughts since yesterday pm, the "asymmetric gameplay" schtick is how Nintendo may encourage some muggle gamers to move upstream. The New Controller would allow someone like me to play Dungeon Master or "it" or whatever special role the tablet-wielder takes, while playing social living-room games with gramps, mum dad and young cousins. But after a few rounds the cousins will want a go with the New Controller. You never know, then they may nag gramps to be "it" next time around and maybe even Dad after New Year will find himself making levels on the WiiU for his kids after they've gone to bed, having become accustomed to the interactions? I'm thinking that some areas for designers to explore with WiiU may be more akin to designing board games than any console in the past. How many publishers and studios are going to take those risks, tho', especially with the need to author HD graphics? Perhaps Nintendo could ease the overhead of art production by allowing 3rd parties access to Miis (correct me if this can be done already on Wii) and other useful things like the "pie health" meter seen in the videos.
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Jun 8, 2011